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Reutrn to Japan in July, What to expect?


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Jan 10, 2010
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Hey All...

Tell me what I can expect as far as daily life changes go as a result of the 'setsuden' and changes to business hours?

I'll be there in July and I really wonder what to expect from a day-to-day perspective.

Hey Mark! Good to see you again.

I'll answer your lonely post!

Basically, as of now, life in Tokyo itself is relatively normal. We are in a powersave mode where extra lighting has been removed or turned off. Some of the stores have switched to LED for their main lighting, which really feels awful.

Other places, escalators are turned off or only operate at certain times of the day. Air conditioning in offices has been adjusted to turn on and shutoff at different times which makes working late really painful. Those sealed buildings get hot really quickly after the air is turned off.

Trains are running a reduced schedule from 12pm to 3pm. Otherwise, 90% or better of normal schedules. Luckily, the air conditioning on the trains is still going strong. Some of the stations are really hot where the air is turned off or reduced.

Food and other supplies are readily available...

Obviously, there are still a lot of problems up north. But if you're staying in the Tokyo metropoltain area, you will be fine.

July is almost over man, are you here yet?