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Review: Anna Of Am


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Jun 30, 2011
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This review is dedicated to Lou Reed (1942-2013).

I met with Anna, new to AM, recently and had a great Walk On The Wild Side.

She arrived punctually and I was immediately struck by her gorgeous eyes and friendly smile. From her youthful appearance, I would put her age as advertised in her early twenties.

Her English is near fluent and we chatted amiably throughout our date. She is an intelligent young woman, having lived abroad, and is able to converse freely on a variety of topics.

Once at the love hotel, we shared a quick and efficient shower. I did not initiate shower-play, which I sometimes enjoy, because I preferred instead to enjoy her in the school girl costume I had preselected.

Her body is near perfect in my estimations, compact but with curves in all the right places. Her breasts are wonderful, full and firm, great to touch with responsive nipples. She has a narrow waste and shapely bottom, a trim but soft stomach, and slender limbs. Her full breasts and slender thighs were the highlights for me.

We started with DFK. Her lips are full and soft, and she uses lots of tongue. This soon got me hard and we moved into a terrific knee-trembling BBBJ, with Anna sitting on the side of the bed. She is world-class at giving head! The pressure of her touches, with mouth, tongue, and hands, is highly skilled. She uses lots of saliva, dribbling and smearing, whilst both controlling the pace herself and allowing you to fuck her mouth if you want. Her looks up at me, those big eyes framed with full lashes, soon took me over for a CIM finish.

(As she spat in the sink and I lay there recovering, a lyric from dearly departed Lou Reed passed through my mind: "But she never lost her head, even when she was giving head." Anna is Candy.)

Anna is fully shaven below, with a tracery of hair above. Her soft lips and clitoris are highly responsive to DATY, which she enjoys receiving. She is quite a vocal lover and was wet throughout our time together, obviously enjoying herself. No lube required.

We enjoyed long and active MS, protected of course. Anna is not a passive girl. She stroked my chest and kissed my nipples, caressed my back and wrapped those lovely slender legs around my waist, with lots of eye-contact and DFK along the way. I reciprocated by parting her legs in front of me and tweaking her clitoris as we fucked to my second pop.

After a break and a fun chat, I undressed her and we spent the last half-hour or so caressing each other. I hardened again and she went down on me for more glorious BBBJ. I laid her back and mounted her for a tit job. She soaked both her breasts and my cock in saliva and did all she could to give me a third. Not quite this time though. She looked genuinely concerned and disappointed, but I explained that it was certainly not her fault. And it most certainly was not.

We parted on the best of terms and returned to our (sadly) separate lives!


Anna is a fine addition to AM.

Attitude 10/10: Absolutely terrific girl, relaxed and genuine, with a sparkling personality, educated and intelligent, warm and affectionate. You could ask for nothing more for your cash. Genuine GFE.

Face 10/10: Cute as a button, big eyes, a warm smile and full mouth.

Physique 9/10: Compact and slender, but curved and perfect-skinned, with full and firm breasts and slender limbs.

Service 9/10: DFK, BBBJ, CIM, DATY, MS, all executed enthusiastically and to perfection. As we didn't try other activities (due to time constraints, and energy constraints on my part!) there is still room for improvement, I hope!

All in all, Anna scores 9.5/10 and comes highly recommended from me. I hope to find the time, money, and energy to repeat!

Happy punting, and thanks for the advice Mr. Reed.
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I don´t get that. Who is Caroline? Who is Candy?

Candy came from out on the island,
In the backroom she was everybody's darling,
But she never lost her head
Even when she was giving head
She sayes, hey baby, take a walk on the wild side
Said, hey babe, take a walk on the wild side
And the colored girls go,
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
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I'm in Tokyo this week for the motor show, and the best part of it has been my tine with Anna last night. I'll second mawjav's review and say that she's almost perfect. She's petite, with tight, creamy breasts that fit perfectly in your cupped hand, a slim waist and an incredibly pert ass that is an absolute joy to behold when slamming from behind. She's also a good conversation partner and undeniably beautiful, by any standard.

In terms of attitude, she can take a few minutes to open up (figuratively), but once she gets going she's a real dynamo. She's got that slurpy oral style, as mentioned, and she genuinely seems to enjoy having you go down on her.

Overall a highly recommended lady, and great management by the AM team.

Just has a session with her and here's my thoughts:

The above descriptions of her are accurate; she looks to be 22, brown shoulder-length hair, nice body, 9/10 IMHO. Good English skills.

I personnally didn't click with her but I'm sure she's an amazing person--just not for me. She was passive and didn't seem into it.

She wasn't into DFK, and didn't seem like she wanted to make out.

She gave me BBBJ and CIM and used lots of saliva. Pretty messy technique and not the best I've had.

Wasn't receptive to DATY and had a hard time getting wet.

Sex was ok and her moaning was quite scripted.

Although she's eye candy, which is what I look for, I wouldn't repeat. We just didn't click well. I'm giving my honest experience and although I had a mediocre time, I say YMMV. The two posters above had a good time with her so you never know.

Hope you found this informative.

Been lurking forever, and feel like I should pitch in.

Had 2 sessions with Anna. First time, I was really hungover from a work do the night prior, and then the busiest day of the year happened. So, our first encounter was kinda doomed... But! I enjoyed it. She's gorgeous, fun, witty, intelligent - I loved chatting with her.

Then again; we didn't 'click'. First time, I thought it was my weakened physical state and so I booked her again a month later.

Again, she's gorgeous - new haircut makes her even more so... But I realized it wasn't my hangover the first time; Anna just doesn't fire me up. She's an amazingly lovely girl, but 2nd date went like this:

Fantastic BBBJ. Cuddling. Animated discussion about TV shows we like. (35 mins left. I decide time for some sex.) sex happens... She makes rudimentary noises, eyes closed the whole time, I feel like a rapist and wish we had just chatted about Dr Who for the whole time we were together.

I love her like a sister. I'd pay half the money to hang out and chat at the drop of a hat... But, yeah - the sex doesn't cut it for me either.

TLDR; Anna is awesome, YMMV but this punter would be happier being her mate, not mating with her.
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Thank you for the reviews! I'll be making my first visit to Japan on Friday, staying for 2 nights. I will definitely make seeing Anna a priority!
Thank you for the reviews! I'll be making my first visit to Japan on Friday, staying for 2 nights. I will definitely make seeing Anna a priority!
Hi @SinfullyKorean ,

Did you manage to experience Anna? In two months time I visit Japan for two weeks, and I am booking the girls in my head that I will call over to my hotel.

I just need one more good review of her to be certain that she is on my list! ;)
After reading reviews, I'd like to see Anna, but one thing that I'm curious about is her hair. Based on the photos, it seems it's either quite short, or it's just up. Can someone let me know? I don't particularly like short hair so I hope it's just up!

Edit: Just read Gaijin Neil's review, so never mind! I'll definitely see her eventually.
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I am really new to this..mostly been to happy berry. Haven't really tried sites like AM yet. Would appreciate it if someone could guide me through it? I would like to get a session when I nxt go to japan in 2 months time with Anna after reading all the great reviews. Could anyone help?
Great review, thanks! Anna is on my short list for a potential upcoming threesome (hopefully!), do you think she would be as much fun with another girl there? I may be over thinking it, but never having had one before, I feel a threesome dynamic calls for the right type of girl
Great review, thanks! Anna is on my short list for a potential upcoming threesome (hopefully!), do you think she would be as much fun with another girl there? I may be over thinking it, but never having had one before, I feel a threesome dynamic calls for the right type of girl

I would probably say that your mileage will vary depending on the girl in question, and who you pick as the third. You might want to see her solo and ask her what her thoughts are. I've asked some of the AM girls that are on the 3-some list, and for example Rina said that she's bisexual and certainly would be up for a 3-some, and Yuko (back when she worked in Tokyo) was on the 3-some list, but seemed a little less gung ho for that sort of play.
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From talking with Tsukina when I saw her last year, Tsukina likes Nana. Also Nana is into girls girls. since I spent time with both individually, and they were great, it may be a good duo. If I also recall right, Erika used to be into girls also, but she is probably more like Anna, all business, but most of the girls are, they do it for $$, but some enjoy it more than others.
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I saw Anna in April and had a very good time. I did ask her about 3P and she said she is available for that but that she is not really into other ladies that much. I saw Ai several months ago and she mentioned that she really does enjoy other ladies, so she might be a good choice for 3P.
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Is it true that only regular custom can book Anna? I am planning to go in November and book a session with her. Could anyone verify this?
That is what the word out there is concerning Anna and being available to customers. To get an answer concerning Anna's availability. You can you go to the website and email Dave and he could be more specific to you.