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    I recently met with AM's latest addition, Asami, and had an interesting time.

    Asami arrived punctually, toting two large bags and pulling a suitcase on wheels! All pink, of course! Hmmm..... I asked her if she was going travelling. She replied that she had just been shopping! O....K........

    Her English, as advertised, is very good, so no problems there. Her age, however....well, we'll get to that. We walked to the love hotel, which involved yours truly lugging her suitcase up love hotel hill, if you know Shibuya, settled in, and took a shower.

    Asami is petite, slender, tight, with a flat-stomach and taut little butt. She has the body of a 20 year old. However, her face is much older, early 40s I'd say, trying (but failing) to pass for her advertised age of 33. Her breasts, however, are considerably younger!

    I booked Asami based on the AM website photos depicting her ample 'assets'. $10,000 worth, to be precise, and, as enhanced breasts go, money well spent. I don't usually enjoy enhanced breasts. Call me a purist, but I genuinely prefer natural flat-chests over fake footballs. However, Asami's breasts are soft, pliant, with a natural feel, if not a natural shape, by which I mean they don't 'move' with the rest of her body, if you take my drift. Anyway, she put them to good use in the shower with a soapy tit-job to completion.

    Once in bed, we had a long DFK session and I enjoyed DATY for a while. She is shaved below with a bush above, and took some time to get wet. MS was good. She played with herself along the way and made all the right, though somewhat mechanical, noises. She is very tight, again feeling like a 20 year old, and I enjoyed a second highly satisfactory pop. We fooled around for a while, she used her assets and saliva to get me hard, but needed a little coaxing to perform BBBJ. Adequate, but nothing extraordinary. We finished with a long DS for my third and final pop.

    All in all, not bad, but not great either. Asami has a decent attitude to the work and provides reasonably intelligent conversation. DFK was good, DATY too, though she took her time providing BBBJ. MS and DS were very enjoyable. But the enhancements and her face were not really my cup of tea. I think she's a bit old for this line of work (like Nana), though the body is in fine fettle and plenty of exercise has kept her tight.

    6/10. I probably won't repeat.

    Happy punting!
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    So funny! Would have loved to be there to watch that scene, LOL

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