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Ascot (SL) Review - Ascot Club - Miyu


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Mar 4, 2011
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I decided to try Yoshiwara and happened upon Ascot Club on my way to another club. The tout / doorman was really friendly and asked me to come and look at their book of girls. I was really impressed that they busted out an iPad and had multiple pictures of all their girls. That was really cool. It was funny as the guy was zooming in on the breasts and underwear shots.

I picked Miyu, linked below:

It was both a good choice and a poor choice. This was my first Soapland experience so I was hoping for the mat play experience. Well, Miyu has been on the job for about 1 month and she hasn't been trained in that yet. So that was kind of a bummer. I thought perhaps that was a given at a Soapland, but I guess not! You live and learn.

But on the upside she was really a pretty girl and fun to be with. She's 23, tight little body, nice sized breasts, firm ass. She hadn't had a gaijin customer before so I think she was as nervous as I was. She talked in that high pitched girlish voice and was happy and cheerful to the end.

So for those that are interested, I was in a small room by myself waiting for Miyu to be ready. She waited outside the waiting room door when the tencho introduced us. She took my hand and led me back to the room. It was a small room that consisted of a small bed, entry area, mat play area and a small ofuro. She had me sit on the bed and she began to undress me. Very deliberately folding my clothes and putting them away neatly one by one. She then took off her dress. She was wearing a white bra that was a few sizes too small. She said they wanted her to make her breasts look bigger. She had Japanese C cup breasts, just right for her body size, which were nice and perky. She had nice dark nipples that were very sensitive. Her skin was flawless. Milky white and really soft. She has a tattoo on the right side of her lower back.

What followed was more of a typical escort type action. We kissed on the bed and basically got down to business. Light kissing, great BBBJ, but she didn't really initiate too much...which was fine. I was content to do my thing and enjoy her body. She seemed cool with my exploring.

After the first round we talked and she sat me on that stool with the middle missing and she cleaned me up. Again, not properly trained in the area she really just washed me down and that was it. She filled the ofuro with that she thought was hot water, but it was freezing cold water. We soaked in the tub for a bit and chatted.

It was at this time that I found out that she didn't do mat play. Too bad. So we repeated the bed play.

She also has a job as a masseuse she she rubbed my back - great back massage - and just as I was getting ready to try for round three we ran out of time.

I asked her about the difference between Japanese and Gaijin customers and she said that the Japanese customers are really aggressive and grab at her quite a bit. She says that hurts.

Anyway, I think I am in for another round at some point in the future. I talked with one of the guys at the front desk at length and he walked me through who was good and who was not for mat play and so I would go back. It was expensive...all in 75,000. (including gaijin tax of 10,000).

Just as an FYI - I had an appointment with Kinpeibai, another Soapland in Yoshiwara. They had some cute girls on their site and were gaijin friendly. The site says that gaijin have to come with another Japanese person. When I called them and spoke to them in Japanese they were fine with me coming alone. So I assume that if you can speak some Japanese then you're good to go. Unfortunately, the girl I had an appointment with took off sick. I went to check out their stable of girls and wasn't terribly happy with the choices I was given. Not bad, but the atmosphere was old and a bit dirty. So I left. But for 100 minutes I think the all in price was 38,000. I would consider going there if for the right girl. Their website is:

Anyway, that was my report.