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AM Review - Asian Mystique - Asuka


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Mar 3, 2011
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Asuka met me near Shinjuku station on time. She seemed a bit curt and I should have trusted my instincts that maybe this would not be a great "session."

Her English is perfect as she has spent more of her life in Australia than in Japan. She speaks like a native speaker. She is also beautiful. I don't know why, but Asian Mystique's photos are pretty bad.

When we arrived at the room, she was more interested with messing with the hotel's gadgets and choosing a TV channel than getting down to it. I had to initiate things. We jumped in the shower and she immediately turned her back to me and began washing herself completely ignoring me. I washed myself and started gently washing her back to try and get something started. She just took the shower head and washed the soap off.

She has a great body, beautiful small breasts and a round smooth butt. She has perfect skin, not a single blemish anywhere and very smooth to the touch.

Once in bed, all I can say is... boring. I was bored. It took everything I had to go twice when in two hours I can usually expect more. I had to basically ask her if we could start things off. She gave me a BBBJ totally ignoring the balls and anything else. She just wasn't into it at all. Sex was also very strange. I was on top and she lied there staring at me with this serious look on her face. She made no signs of pain or pleasure and didn't make a single sound at all.

Asuka is a wonderful, sweet, beautiful girl. She is just in the wrong business or needs a little training by a more experienced girl. I felt like it was a total waste of money.
If you had a bad experience with AM I have seen others on this site say they have contacted Dave the owner and he gave them a chance to pick another date for free to compensate for their horrible experience. Remember Dave probably gets a lot of customers from this site, so he is probably going to try to make you happen if you felt like you wasted your money...

I experienced the same thing with Asuka, bottom line she does not initiate things. I did not notice her staring at me with a serious look with no noise, that would have definately freaked me out and I would have told Dave WTF for sure. Maybe your right she needs a new business..
I've never known Dave to offer a free repeat. Maybe a discount, but if you got a freebie, all the more power to you. :)

To the OP, sorry to hear about your lackluster experience. I would think that these ladies would be a little more eager to perform give the lull in visitors coming to Japan. A lot of the people that already live here have been opting for the cheaper incall places. Paying what is now a seems like a higher price for an oucall lady should be met with a good performance.

I think in the case of Asuka, I really think she longs to go back to Australia or somewhere other than Japan. She came back to Japan, what two years ago? She made it seem like she was here temporarily to make some money and continue on.

Who knows... anyway, I would at least contact AM for a discount on your next date if Asuka was that unsatisfactory to you.

Good luck.
Sex was also very strange. I was on top and she lied there staring at me with this serious look on her face. She made no signs of pain or pleasure and didn't make a single sound at all.

Sorry man, I had to laugh at that. From the sidelines it's hilarious but I'm sure during the moment I would be creeped out and wonder if she was about to go psycho on me.

In any case, thank you for the write up and warning!
I just posted an older review of Asuka from a few months ago. TAG was down for awhile, so I didn't get a chance to post it till now.

Maybe something has changed wit her since then, but take my review with a grain of salt.

For the OP, sorry dude!
Never had a problem with Asuka, but I can confirm that she does have a nice body and loves to play with her gadgets. I let her do all the picking and choosing of what to do and so maybe it was just a bad day for her or she was not into you. I had a good time and enjoyed every minute. I would say she is more suitable for the social scene escort type where you take her out and wine and dine and whatever else you want to do. That is just my opinion anyways.
I had Asuka a couple of times when she first joined AM around 2-years ago. She was great back then. My third appointment, last year, was a disappointment. She'd obviously got into her groove in the business and had simply switched off doing anything beyond the robotic. Never booked her again.

Try Yuko. She's still relatively new and a real doll. But be quick. I have a feeling she'll go the same way.