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AM Review - Asian Mystique - Yuna

Tokyo Dude

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Jul 31, 2010
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I met Yuna a while ago and was very disappointed. I have used AM a bit in the past and while the girls have not always been the best looking they have all been great fun. Yuna is the first AM girl I felt ripped off by.

I met her for a 2 hour appointment and was disappointed when I opened the door to her. No make up, misfitting clothes, pretty average looking. We then went for the shower, she showered by herself and complained that she was about to go to bed when the appointment came in. After the shower she did not even offer a blow job. Normally I go for 3-4 rounds in a 2 hour session but with Yuna, 1 round then she got up and got changed and left with 1 hour still left on the clock.

Would be interested to here others experiences.

Looks 4/10, service 3/10
So sorry to hear about so much bad experience but,you said ordered 2 hours course,and after 1 hour she left.Did you pay 1 or 2 hours?
Because would be so bad bussines to pay 2 and take 1....:mad:

Even,thanks a lot for this info.

wait, what? she just left after 1 hour?
the money you paid her was for two hours by am's rules?
holy crap.
One more question... how tall would she be? I like taller girls, woudl she really be 163 cms?