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    I came here after New Hot Point's Asuka failed me, I went Asian Relax, where I knew the girls there would not fail me. I did not originally to plan to go there. I must say, I was definitely not disappointed here. I did write a negative review on New hot point, here's a link:ニューホットポイント-asuka-アスカ.7364/).

    Date/Time: August/6:30pm

    Provider: Mirai ミライ

    Contact Info: tel:0332020723 /

    Type/Location: Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho.
    Language Specifics: Japanese, very little English. Mirai mostly spoke Japanese.
    Session Length/Fee: 13,500¥(90 mins). An additional 500¥ for a hot towel massage towards the end. Asian Feeling does not perform this service, but Asian Smile アジアンスマイル does it, at no additional 500¥ cost. Asian Feeling / Asian Smile, while being in the same group and staffed by some of the same girls, these are completely separate buildings. So, do not confuse these three.

    Physical Description: Very attractive, but it's immediately noticeable she's a bit older. Mid/late 30s

    Details: I walk in and I'm asked by a man (who's tobacco smoke has clearly affected his teeth) if it's my first time visiting (in English), I immediately see a male employee I recognize, and LOL笑 no (違う). "Can you speak Japanese"? Yes, somewhat. Anyway, he tells me it's gonna be a 15 minute wait, but I can wait in the massage room. I go and wait and. I got some ice water while I was waiting. 10-15 minutes later, Mirai arrives.

    She is fairly short and petite, little bit older, but given the chance I'd happily bed her. She speaks very good and polite Japanese, but her English is lacking. She asks me to remove my clothes and I do, she wraps a towel around me, then we go to the shower. She was good at showering me and making small. Seems like was paying more attention to down below (I'm cool with that, got a size compliment). After the shower, back to the massage room.

    She's very good. I enjoyed my massage, I was feeling pretty sore. It was good. She stood on my back a bit, cracked somethings for me. Felt great, really. She later brought out the oil.

    She puts the oil on her hands and spread it throughout my body in the massage. The oil was warm, at first, which made it feel even better. She only did my back, but I've definitely had my front done, too. Perhaps if I had asked for more time.

    The conversation was non-existent at first, but after I broke the ice, she engaged happily in conversation. She does some massage techniques that I thought were Japanese. After this re-massage (by hand, then with oil) she cleaned the oil off with a towel. She asks me to turn over and I do. She puts more oil on her hands and gets work on the most important part.

    Again, she's good! (another appreciated size comment) 1 hand, 2 hands, different positions. Sits close so I can properly grope her. And that was good, too. She must have been working at "the fun part" for about 10 or so before I finally pop. It was good.

    After that, clean me up and gets to work on the hot towel massage of my head (additional 500¥, remember?). Kinda hot at first, but it was good. Very relaxing. I think this was my SECOND favorite part of the massage. After about 15 minutes, she showered me again. After my shower, I got dressed again and had to wait a few minutes to leave, because somebody else was showering. Got to small talk some and received a rather extended hug. Shortly after, I leave.

    Recommendation: Yes. If you like a quality massage, this is a good place and she is a skilled woman. The place and rooms are clean, you can get water or tea (oolong I think) at no additional cost. The showers are clean, fresh towels. Their is no central, or wall AC in the individual rooms. Just a little mini fan. If you need a massage, I recommend this place. The girls are kinda small, but they can massage you hard and even hurt you, if you want.

    Thank you reading. I apologize for the early release before it was complete. I still have a review to right for Nasty Doll Yokohama and I plan on going out this, or next weekend. I'll post again afterwards. Thanks again.
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    Thank you so much for the review!

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