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Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by Sweed, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Meet Aya at Hipness and that was a good experience.
    First of all the price is really good, 13 000 yen for 80 min.
    Aya speaks really good english and had a very good personality.
    Maybe to good personality since we spend lot time talking and just making out in the sofa. But she was a really good kisser =)
    She also has a very nice face and is very pritty.
    Then after a long time in the sofa we made it for the shower and then headed for the bed.
    There we started with her giving me a blow job for a long time since she was vert good at this.
    Then she went on top of me and wow this was really great. After a long ride I was close to climax and we then ended with some doggy style until I came.
    Due to the long time in the sofa time was now almost out but I was any way really satisfied since it was a very good experience.
    Aya does not have a perfect body but here personality and great engagement compensate this.
    Having sex with here really felt like having sex with a girl friend since she really gave it all.

    Can really recomend here if you not are extreamly picky and must have a model body.

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