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AM Review: Aya of AM


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Jul 29, 2011
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Here are my notes on Aya. Short story: I agree with JimN and Really Now, she is attractive, enthusiastic, and overall a great time. Read on for a little more detail.

Aya can be a little challenging to book, depending on your schedule preferences. The pictures are definitely her (really nice shape!), and while I agree with the others on age (I'd guess mid 30's), JimN is right: if I saw her in a store, restaurant, wherever, I'd definitely have some naughty thoughts :)

Aya's English is excellent, and conversation throughout is lively. Noise-making is a little over the top (can only imagine what people in the hallway outside the room thought!), but despite that I still felt like a stud as she talked me through it. Unusual.

Overall, I had a good experience with Aya, but I'll knock off a few points for two things: first, the shower thing -- Aya likes to shower alone, but I really like the shared shower, even if it is short and sweet.

Second, she was clearly pressed for time, and left a little early. There was a minor mix-up on meeting, so we got started a little late. I think she made it clear that she'd be happy to see me again, so maybe she had to work or something.

Taking a play from Mawjav's book, here's how I'd score her:

Attitude: 9; Breasts: 9; Pussy: 9; BBBJ: 8; Bottom: 8; Service: 8

Overall, I'd give Aya an 8.5. I will repeat.
This is totally subjective. As was noted in other reviews, she has some acne scarring (or something), so she's not model-perfect. I find her attractive. Can't say for sure that you will, though.