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Review: Bruna/AM


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Jul 29, 2011
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These are my notes on Bruna of AM. Executive summary: I will definitely repeat. I once heard that the hottest women in the world are in Brazil. Personally, I think some of the hottest women in the world are in Japan, and I just met (another) one of them :)

I got the call saying she had arrived at my hotel, and was waiting by the elevator for me. I went down to meet her, and of course, a crowd showed up for the elevator at exactly that moment. There was an elderly couple who had their mother along for a visit to Tokyo, and then there was the Indian businessman who took one look at Bruna, and then looked rather sternly and disapprovingly at me. She is definitely built for comfort (oh my god, what a body!), and I guess he immediately new what time it was when he saw us together. Hopefully, he got over his disgust and had a good yank (or something) after he got to his room :)

We exited the elevator first, leaving behind the disapproving stares, and managed to get to my room without encountering anyone else. Bruna was wearing a strapless dress that accentuated her full figure, yet revealed a trim and muscular form. I actually expected her to be a little plump based on the AM photos, but her body is rockin; she is built for speed *and* comfort.

When we got into the room, she sat on the couch and seemed immediately comfortable and relaxed. I offered her wine, which she happily accepted. I sat down with her and made light small talk. She gradually moved closer, put her hand on my leg, and before I knew it, we were kissing passionately. Wow, what a great kisser!

It wasn't long before we moved to the shower for part 2 of the action sequence. Bruna soaped up a wash cloth, handed it to me, and turned around, leaving me facing that amazing derriere. I slowly washed her back as she turned to kiss me over her shoulder, and... wow, what a shower!

The rest is history, as they say, but I gotta say this woman is an experience you don't want to miss. She spanned the range from searing Latina heat to some of the tenderest lovin I've ever experienced. One minute she'd take charge, and a moment later she'd adapt to my evolving inclinations. Just... wow!

With that, I'll wrap this up, making it one of my shorter reviews, but hopefully you get the picture. I still smell her, and I'm looking forward to crawling into bed and going to sleep with that scent on my pillow :) This girl is worth the effort -- highly recommended.
Let me just echo what Kitsune said, but be a bit more explicit.

I agree she is definitely built for comfort, and definitely worth experiencing.

She's personable, easy to talk to.

She has implants in (which I usually can't stand), but they're well done (good shape, minimal scar at the bottom)

That ass is just...fantastic.

I don't about you guys, but the lack of ass amongst J-girls has gotten real old. This one will remind you of what's missing.

Vagina is muscular, and tasty...

Only drawback was that she insisted on a covered BJ :):)

Oddly enough I was, however, able to coax her into a CIF at the end with our last shower (so YMMV).
I have a 2 hour engagement with her today. I am looking forward to the experience!!
Just though I would add my part to the discussion:

I met with Bruna yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, She was running a little late. I am usually big on punctuality but stuff happens, right? Well we got to the hotel and everything I have read on TAG about her is spot on! Needless to say I had a great afternoon!!

Previous to my encounter with Bruna, I had met once with Risa from ND. So I don't have a huge vault of experience to judge from.The session seemed pretty standard based on what I have read.

The only difference in my encounter with Bruna was after the shower we fooled around on the bed. She then inched her way south and continued with a BBBJ! I was expecting a CBJ since all the reviews I read lead to her insisting on it!

She was my first experience with a Brazilian and by no means a disappointment. It has been awhile since I had a girl with an ass! DS was definitely padded nicely! I will definitely be back again! Thank You TAG for all your wisdom!