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Review: club boo lily


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Jan 26, 2013
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Recently had a date with Lily from club boo and figured I would write this one up as it was a strange one for sure. No picture on the site but hey I rolled the dice once more.

So a bit about her.
Tall:170+ and in heels she looked really tall.
Body: thin, but not too thin, but maybe 45-50 kilos
Dark skin, and not tanning bed dark.
Small ass, but not really firm either
Arms and legs were very muscular though especially her arms

Breasts small, but real and very sensitive nipples.
Vagina: just a small landing strip, rest I think was laser removed(not unusual), nice and tight and a frankly one of the best ones I have seen in a while.

She has a belly scar that runs vertacle so I don't think it was a pregnancy scar.
Face is okay maybe a 6 took me a min to get used to her look as I think I tend to prefer traditional looks but that's just me

And we begin.

So weird number 1: when she arrived and went for the pre activity shower she asked to go alone as she said she was shy. Okay must be a personal preference, odd but okay.

Weird number 2: no conversation about the tab up front. It's the boo so I wasn't worried about anything crooked going on but still really strange for the trade. I mean who does that?

Anyway I took a quick trip after she was done and made sure the filthy bits were taken care of and hopped into bed.

No kissing, and that's not a big deal, it's every girls preference so I wasn't bothered at all and frankly not abnormal.

Started with some body kissing, went for some DATY and she was very receptive and looked like she did enjoy it a bit as she came.

Went into a BBBJ. I would give. 5/10 there. She tried to play it up as noisy and sloppy but it was actually more a turn off then a turn on as it was WAY WAY over done.

Bit more DATY and 69. Then I asked for full services and she apologetically said it was extra. I said no prob.

Weird number 3: she asked if I had a condom. Wish I could make this up but I was a bit taken back by it as in all my years a WG has never said that to me.

I did have one so okay strange but moving on. Bit of CBJ but that must have tasted aweful for her, but oh well not really my problem.

I would say strange number 4 (but maybe it's not) I had to put on the condom. I only say strange as I don't think when I have outsourced I have ever had to do that but yeh a first time for everything right.

Then the fun, mish, and CG. She was quick to say I was a it big for her, and I know I am, so I took it easy, but then she decided she liked it and even with legs straight up in the air she was basically attacking my junk. That for me at least was quite nice as if your in pain and you work through it and go for it anyway good for you right?

Same went for CG I can't say I have seen a girl grind so hard trying to cum, but she got there just before I popped.

And just in time too as she jumped in the shower and whilst in there her alarm went off.

She got dressed and I paid as she left.

Since I have been on the boo site before I know lily is relatively new at least to them, and maybe new to out calls as it almost seemed that the weird bits are because she is new to out calls and maybe only worked in a small shop before doing incalls and mostly just hand and mouth service.

Again it's a guess but would love to hear your thoughts.

Overall rating a 6.5 even with the strange bits.

One bit of warning though. if your not at a LH but rather a normal on she does tend to get loud and I mean really loud both in normal conversation and whilst in the throws. And that could piss off people next door
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