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Review - Deli Miyu - Natsuki


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Mar 4, 2011
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I was curious about the J-Deli scene and so I checked out a few of the gaijin friendly sites I found on erolin and tokyonights and found Miyu.


They were gaijin friendly. I speak Japanese, so I didn't test out what the English ability is. But the reservation process was simple enough. Called them up, gave them a time that I wanted to meet and then found a LH in the Shibuya area. I chose Passion, but it was a fairly cheap choice - 3,800 yen for three hours.

I let the operator choose since all the pictures looked the same. The girl that showed up was said to be Natsuki.


Really cute girl with a sporty, curvy body. Perfectly formed large breasts (for her size). She had long dark hair.

She showed up 45 minutes later than the operator said she would because the driver, supposedly, got lost. Nothing like sitting in a dank LH by yourself watching NHK.

Chemistry may have been bad, as it wasn't the greatest introduction to the J-Deli scene. I had asked for someone who could lead and take charge, but she was super shy and reserved. Shower was clumsy and awkward. She turned down the lights - almost off - and the play began. DFK is on the menu according to her profile, but she wasn't serving it. She let you explore and as I said had a great body, soft skin. smelled really bad downstairs. Looks like she hadn't shaved in a while. BBJ was fine, not great. Her profile indicates that she does sumata. But she said that she doesn't do it...only a HJ finish...or quite possibly using her feet. Uh, no thanks.

After round 1, we showered and then she gave me a really good massage. It was about 75 minutes into the 100 minute session at this point and my heart wasn't in it. I wanted to get out. So I had to confirm with the mama-san that I was in fact ending early by my own choice, and then we left.

Total damage. 3,800 for the 3 hour LH and 20,000 (including a 2,000 yen discount if you mention tokyonights . jp website) for 100 minutes of action.

Anyway, I'm not sure I'd do that again. Unless there are good places / providers others would recommend for Deli action?

That's my report.
Thank you for your report!
So the service is not really interesting :s
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