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Review - Delicious Deli - Eri


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Mar 4, 2011
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I spent time with Eri from Delicious Deli:

It's the same girl as in the picture above. She's a pretty girl with short brown hair. She has a really lean and tight body.

She's a friendly girl, but definitely on the shy / quiet side. She is from Taiwan and has been in Japan for the past three years. She said she was 21 and she looks it.

FS was on the table for an extra 5,000 and we got right to it.

We stripped off our clothes and made our way to the shower. Eri has smallish breasts, but their perky and she has puffy nipples. They're really nice. Shower space at the LH was cramped, but she cleaned me up and spent time working my shaft, balls and ass area.

When I was cleaned up, she cleaned herself up and you could tell she is a health freak...she spent a lot of time brushing her teeth and gargling and getting clean and sterile.

We moved to the bed and the action was good. She's up for LFK and let's you explore her body how you like. Daty was nice. Smooth labia, and though it was a bit unkempt downstairs, it was still clean tasting.

She rolled over on me and proceeded to kiss my ears and make her way down to my nipples and then to my shaft. She hopped into 69 and we hung out there for a while. She climb on top of me and we did CG and then missionary for round 1.

We cleaned up and spent time on the bed listening to songs that she liked. She likes to sing apparently.

Round 2 - more of the same in round one. Started out in missionary and ended in doggie.

All in all a fun time. Just in my opinion, she is not as outgoing as Miyuki and isn't a natural chatter box. Eri is nice and sweet and does have a tighter, more firm body. She has a nice, small, firm ass on her for a slender girl. Small, but firm and perky breasts. I spoke to her in Japanese, which is pretty good. Her English seemed to be limited, but she would throw out a few words here and there.

Total damage as stated before: 5,500 for the room, 22,000 for the 100 minutes and 5,000 for the FS.
Thanks for the great review! I tried Delicious myself on my last visit to Tokyo and they were great!

Just as an FYI, they have a campaign going on right now. 70 minutes for 13K yen, 100 minutes for 20K yen. You have to mention it though; don't expect the girl to mention it and shrift herself out of that money. :cool:
Want a confirmation, you have to go TO their "hotel" and you do not book an Love Hotel right? Also they have an "English" page but are they able to take booking on the phone in English?

Hi James - no you go to a hotel of your choice, preferably in Shinjuku or someplace close to that. Call the number and order the girl. Give them the name, address and the room number of the hotel at which you're staying. Then wait for the girl to show up. I don't know how much they can communicate in English. But they're on, a site that caters to foreigners. So I would assume there is some level of English that can be spoke at the operator level.

Hope that helps...
just a couple questions:
does delicious deli allow you to meet the girl outside and then go to a LH or do you have to check in to the LH alone first?
when you called from your room, did you use your own cell phone or did you use the room phone?
Hi pkcd - I don't know if you can meet the girl outside the LH or not. I checked in first and then called. I used my cell phone to call each time. But there were phones in the rooms. But I didn't use them.