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Review - Delicious Deli - Mayu


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Jan 15, 2012
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Hello All,

Just wanted to post a short review on Mayu of Delicious Deli. I had originally wanted to get one of the girls over at hipness but they were apparently booked the whole day. She is currently the 1st new girl pictured on the site.

1st of all, FS was not given. To that end, it was never offered but I was lead to believe that it was...guess I should have asked first. Shower play was pretty much non existent. There was BBBJ, DATY, HJ, FIV, LFK, DFK, and 69. After the 1st pop it seemed like time was up since her phone alarm went off but I could have sworn that there was still 30 mins left. Off to the shower one more time and that was it.

Despite the lackluster review of Mayu, she is still a very friendly girl. Girl next door type. I enjoyed everything and, imho, so did she. She is not Japanese by birth but Korean and has been living there for the last two years. When I asked her about FS, albeit near the end (though I thought I still had time), she replied saying something about being afraid of the police. Her English is not that great but she definitely tries to talk with you.

Overall the total was 20,000 yen for 100 mins. She came to my hotel in Nihonbashi. There was no problem ordering through English though you might want to clarify with the person to get someone who provides FS. I would definitely repeat if I knew FS was on the table but who knows... maybe it was just me?
From my experience when they give you their card with the pricing on it, you ask for the the FS at 5,000 at that point. It wasn't offered, I had to ask it up front. But I guess each girl decides whether the will do that or not.