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Review: Emma / A.M


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Jan 3, 2012
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for those who were asking...

i met emma today...

we took a shower together...and then went to bed...

bbbj - 69 - girl on top and missionary

she is really cute...slim and tall... nice girl

it was my first experience with A.M

hope to see her again...
I saw her last year (April 2011). We didn't click at all. I was disappointed as she is very tall, but looks better with her clothes on than off. [Removed] I think the problem was mainly a personality conflict. I couldn't get comfortable with her, kissing was awful and everything in bed was clumsy and listless. YMMV - if you click with her she might be OK. Didn't work for me and was much less attractive than I expected from the photos. She's pretty talkative, sarcastic and cynical. A bit of a bad-girl with kind of a murky past.
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Accurate summary. When I had her she came over somewhat drunk (was seeing friend from abroad) so no kissing for obvious reasons. She does have edgy personality, some of it comes from her being rather young and also having some personality conflicts when she was living at home. If you are looking for gfe soft personality, keep looking.
slim and tall, Emma seems to be my dream girl.

Is she still available recently?
I told him in another thread to contact Asian Mystique directly to find out her schedule. AM usually has the current weeks' schedule for the girls on their roster.