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Review: Eri/am


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Jul 29, 2011
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These are my notes on Eri of AM. Executive summary: some of the warmest, most affectionate GFE *ever*. Eri will likely win my 2014 awards for best kisses and GFE/Tokyo, and an hour later, I am sooo missing her. Wow!

I've been wondering about Eri ever since mawjav reviewed her in June, but sadly, our schedules never quite lined up. Until now :). For effect, let me start at the end: we parted ways at a fork in the road not far from the LH in Shibuya where we had just spent two hours together. I was fairly glowing as I rounded the corner onto the main street. There were a number of women working the crowd there, and a tall beauty was sizing me up as I rounded the corner. She stepped up and said "hell...", but the "o" at the end never came out. She saw the look in my eye, the flush in my face, and she just knew. She stopped mid-word, smiled and let me pass.

I was surprised at the number of women working the area. They were targeting likely guys and stepping up to them, whispering. Several came alongside me, brushing up against me, "masaji?". I smiled, shaking my head, "kekko desu", "I'm good", "no, thanks", clearly uninterested. Yet one girl, actually quite attractive, latched onto my arm and kept walking with me. It felt nice, the way she was holding my upper arm, softly caressing the skin on the inside, and she was saying in English, "make you feel soooo good", "you know you like me", "it's close!", and it took her a good 10 meters to realize that I was still glowing from someone else, and that I was not receptive. She let go and stopped, and she looked disappointed as I looked back, smiling over my shoulder as I walked on.

I guess that could be the whole review: I was still glowing. From Eri. And I still am. End of story. But I won't do that to you :) We had a two hour session, and I should tell you a little more. At the end, we were talking animatedly. Like mawjav said, she really is intelligent, and her English is excellent. Great wrap up to some of the most amazing and intimate sex I've ever had with an escort (I'd say lovemaking, but I don't want mawjav to go off on me :)). Not quite at the level of what I had with Sayuri before that famous post of mine, but still. So amazing!

We talked on the way to the LH, and her English was really good. She seemed relaxed from the start. When I first saw her, she didn't immediately affect me, but after she kissed me, everything changed. I don't know if it was pheremones, or my own neurochemicals, or what, but for those two hours, I thought she was one of the most beautiful women alive, and I couldn't get enough of her kisses, caresses, the feel of her creamy skin against mine... oh my god! So good! I was bewitched, and she was the center of my universe.

It started in the shower. She sprayed me down and then got some shower gel on her hands and started to rub my chest. As she worked her way down, she stepped up and pressed those beautiful breasts against me, looked up at me, and leaned toward me. We kissed lightly at first, exploring, but very quickly found our way around one another, and we were passionately kissing before I realized what had happened. That wound up being a really long, and steamy shower (!)

After toweling off she crawled into the bed, dimmed the lights, and turned over, looking at me, and she was radiant, like some sort of fetching sex goddess. I was so powerfully drawn to her, and when her lips parted and drew mine in... wow! I don't have words for what I felt. It was so good! I won't describe every act, but oh my god, the chemistry! The feel of her skin against mine, those amazing kisses, the taste of her juices, the mutual energy - wow!

I guess there is nothing more to say. I could gush on for quite a while, but I think you get the picture. Of course, Eri gets top recommendations from me. She is awesome! I *really* hope I can see her again.
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Does Eri only offer sumata? That's what I got from all comments about her.

Pretty sure all of the AM girls provide full service. I would be shocked if one of them didn't. Obviously, it's something that's 'understood' -- I wouldn't ask AM over the phone to clarify, in other words. :)