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Review - Eri - Sayuri's Friend In Tokyo


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Sep 13, 2013
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This is a review of Eri from Kansai Cherry Blossoms.

What I want to say firstly - don't believe the pictures on the website - 'cause Eri is more elegant and beautiful than pictures on the website!!! Pure GFE, just like an old darling meet up again in Tokyo, out of your daily and routing life! Thank you Eri!

It was weeks ago, rainy Tokyo evening, we meet in my hotel. She dresses a graceful black One-piece and high heel like an OL right after her office job to meet her darling.

As previous review, I was also stunned when I saw Eri! She is elegant, pretty and make me feel like in a romantic encounter from the first moment! She speaks English very well, so we talk about each other's life experiences - like old lovers.

When I undressed her for the shower, under the graceful black one-piece, I saw her great figure with sexy lingerie! Eri has a mature, slender body and taller than average Japanese woman and me!

Also agreed to other TAG member, I don't go into more details. But Eri is not shy and really enjoy our amazing time in bed! I'd like to quote this sentence from previous review: Sex with her was amazing!

The encounter with Eri is so intimate, and make me consider not to post my review on TAG. But I can't be a selfish guy as a TAG member! After I confirm with Sayuri, she told me, they are welcome to read my review here. No doubt! Eri is the only woman that I like to meet when I in Tokyo again!

Hello Sayuri! Promise is Promise! Here is the review for Eri and see you next time in Osaka!

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Thanks for your review. I know Eri & Sayuri will be pleased as they both take their services serious.
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I believe this is the first for Eri, at least at TAG? I know she has other reviews posted elsewhere.

Considering that she's associated with Sayuri, I wouldn't expect anything less than what the OP has shown. Thank you for sharing at least some of the detail of your adventure.
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This is the 2nd review from Eri, JustSomeGuy has posted here
With this and other Kansai Cherry reviews help me to make an appointment/choice easier!
So I can not be a selfish guy - save the best just for myself ;)!

TAG is a place that most of us share the same ideology.
Also thanks to the female counterparts bring us amazing, wonderful experiences.
Thanks for your review. I know Eri & Sayuri will be pleased as they both take their services serious.

Just want to say thanks to you, 'cause I understand TAG very quickly with your reviews and posts!