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Jul 17, 2012
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Here are several examples of reviews to give you an idea of the sort of information to include. See the Review Posting Guidelines for more information

Feedback, as always, is welcome.

Example of a 'bad' review:

Title: Hottie Deriheru

Date: Don't remember
Provider: Erika
Contact Info: N/A
Type/Location: Shibuya
Language Specifics: N/A
Session Length/Fee: N/A
Physical Description: Asian girl with long hair. She was hot.
Details: Usual delivery health. She was a lot of fun.
Recommendation: Yes

Example of a 'good' review:

Title: Sayuri in Osaka

Date: September 2013
Provider: Sayuri of Kansai Cherry Blossoms
Contact Info:
Type/Location: My hotel in Osaka
Language Specifics: Very English friendly. Sayuri isn't fluent in English, but for the purposes of arranging an appointment, you'll have no issues
Session Length/Fee: 2 hours/ ¥60,000
Physical Description: Her pictures are fairly accurate. Petite Japanese woman with a nice body, late 20s or early 30s.
Sayuri is a true professional in arranging a meeting, and she showed up right on time. There was a bit of a mixup in my wardrobe request, as I'd requested stockings, but she wore them to the hotel and promptly took them off before we got cleaned up. Oh well. The experience wasn't that great, to be honest, but it was really all my fault. I'd spent most of the day walking around Kyoto in the sun, and was either dehydrated or just plain worn out. Sayuri was a real trooper.
Recommendation: Yes, I'd especially recommend her as someone to see in Osaka/Kyoto for non-Japanese speakers.

Example of a 'great' review:

(Note that the Provider, Org, and Love Hotel no longer exist - a good reason for posting timely reviews!)

Title: Fun Time with Yui Komine of Binkan Musume

Date: November 2013 (evening)
Provider: Yui Komine (AV actress) of Binkan Musume
Contact Info: 03-5957-5677 (no longer active)
Type/Location: Hotel Mable メーブル (Ikebukuro Love Hotel) Address: 東京都豊島区池袋2-11-1 now エーグ海 (apparently means 'Aegean Sea')- The Hotel Health location and Ikebukuro's Love Hotel district is northwest of the station.
Language Specifics: Basic Japanese was okay - I knew enough to ask for a reservation for a particular person at a particular time, and then understood most of what they said regarding setting up a love hotel, etc. They seemed to be very forgiving of my horrible language skills. Yui didn't really speak any English.
Session Length/Fee: 90 minutes/ ¥32,000 (AV course) + ¥4000 love hotel
Physical Description: Late 20s or maybe early 30s, skinny girl with a cute face, not a lot of makeup. Shoulder-length hair or maybe a little longer. She looks just like her videos, and better than her pictures on the binkanmusume site (You should check out Sky Angel vol 40)
Hotel health is a little different from delivery health - you can call to make an appointment, but still have to go to their office to confirm, choose options, and pay for the service, then go to the love hotel and finally call the office back to let them know what the room is. I'd been somewhat of a fan of Yui's work in the past, so I emailed their office with some basic Japanese to see if foreigners were okay. They were, so my next step was to meet with one of their other girls (Satsuki) who was extremely attractive, but the service was just okay.

Going back a second time to Binkan Musume was a lot easier. I ended up at the same love hotel as the first time- Mable is fairly old, and the rooms are pretty small (Yui even commented on how small the room was), but of course it was clean. The love hotel was a bit of a hybrid place. It wasn't fully automated, but I pressed the button for the room I wanted and then paid at the anonymous cashier counter without having to speak any Japanese.

Yui got there maybe 15-20 minutes after I called the org, which wasn't bad at all. She looked great, and was typically Japanese about my crappy language skills- we had some difficulty with discussion the whole session, since her English was nil, and my Japanese skills are limited to very basic small talk. She DID know the word 'sex', which was her main answer when I asked her about hobbies.

Playtime was fun- she didn't seem to have a problem at all being with a foreigner, and she didn't need to be convinced to go for a second pop. However, if you've seen her videos, her default mouth action is to stick her tongue out- great for Fera, but not great at all for kissing. For such a hot girl and otherwise a lot of fun, she's not a good kisser at all. FS wasn't offered, nor did I ask about it. I figured if I saw her more than a few times, I'd ask, but unfortunately I didn't get to see her again before the agency folded.

Recommendation: Yes, if she ever works for another agency.
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