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Jul 19, 2011
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I have had email contact with her for a few weeks (her CL ad caught my eye, and I saw her website ). But scheduling problems prevented a date until today.
She was exactly on time, and we went to the LH of her choice. The pictures on her site are real and up to date. Her bio is partly incorrect I think. She is taller than 168 (I would guess 172-173). But her hips ARE 96! She also might be a bit older than 27. Sorry to say, Bianca, but that was my impression. But if you are into big butts, she is your girl.

We had a long foreplay, undressed each other and showered together (she offered a bath, but shower was enough for me). She is a good kisser.
Without hesitation, she gave my John a first warm welcome with her mouth. She likes to chat, as do I (her English is perfect! She is from Okinawa and has Japanese-foreign parents), and we had a great time. I asked her many questions, and answered them without hesitation (and I think honestly). That was quite a turn on for me, and I imagined what to do during my next time with her.
Her breasts are well shaped, natural and small (C size) with wonderful tiny nipples that are quite sensitive. They are a bit to small for titty-action, but this is okay for me , too.
To my surprise she wanted go give me BB penetration, but I insisted on protection. She has western-size rubber with her.
She asked for my fantasies and willingly accommodated my preferences. I love bj, and so for 2-3 times during our date, my John was in her mouth. I lay on the back, she was between my legs (I am not into 69) and her silky hair (brown!) fell over my belly. It was wonderful to see how it moved up and down! She did not mind that I had my hands in her hair.
We also both prefer doggy and her big butt was a great shock-absorber for that.
I respected her sensitive areas, and thus we had wonderful sex in several positions.

I was kinda slow this time, but finally after 90 minutes I popped.
She spent 15 minutes of the remaining 30 minutes for a massage from head to toe and short separate showers and we departed with a final kiss.
She is definitely worth a date!
I've seen this girl posted around the 'net, but this is the first review I have read.

Thanks for sharing and it's always good to hear a positive report.

How much did you expend for the love hotel? Just curious...
Maybe good to know that she's an operated transexual.
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New half prices are lower, that is true. Wow, for strict heterosexuals like me, that would be a shock so it is good to know this site exists. I will say I am amazed at the quality of the surgeries. Back in the 80s, you could usually tell if someone was a new half but nowdays, it can be very hard to tell.
According to the above experience, she/he is. Her/his low
prices would make me think so too. I guess we could be wrong
but at least for the time being, we can suspect.
You are definitely wrong with this issue. I know Bianca and I am a regular client of her
Thank you for your reply. I never met her but it would
be interesting for you to talk with the person that did
think she was a transexual after he met her.
I can't speak for Bianca but just for general reference,

ニューハーフが風俗嬢と して接客する性風俗店が運営されており、ニューハーフ風俗という一つのジャンルを確立している。ニューハーフ風俗が成立する理由は、元男性ということで男 性客とお互いに安心でき共感しやすい、女性の風俗嬢に比べて単価が安いなどが挙げられるが、他には女性化した身体と男性器の組み合わせといったアブノーマ ルで非日常的な行為・時間を求めたい客層が存在することが大きい。

The bolded says the unit prices are said be cheaper when compared with females. If you look around at Erolin guide, you will find that to be true (The shop "Addict" only charges 20,000 yen for 60 minutes). It is a newhalf place. Maybe Bianca is a woman from birth and just wants to give clients good prices. I don't know. I hope to hear more reviews about her.

We received a complaint about this thread and have confirmed that some of the information posted here has proven to have been false. (about Bianca)

We will take an action on the content within in the next day.

Thank You.
As per a discussion we had amongst the staff, we are editing the content of Yeni's posts regarding Bianca.

We have spoken to Bianca as well as received numerous comments that the comments posted by this member are inaccurate.

Additionally, please do not judge a provider simply on costs alone. She elects the prices as it is a very competitive market.

As a general rule, we do not want to censor accurate information but we will not tolerate false claims that impacts an image of a provider. (In this case, calling a genetic female a TS is borderline slander.)

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Any questions or comments should be directed to the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of this page.

I have to say a few words about this provider Bianca; i will talk with respect so i hope you will respect my freedom of expression.

Well, i was with this girl last december 2011. I will no recommend this escort to ANYBODY. I'm sorry for that, but i got the same feeling that the banned guy (yeni comment): i felt like being with a man, it was really disgusting.

By the way, I don't think it is right to banned comments like that: people need this kind of input too, not only the good reviews. This girl, has very masculine voice, feet and hands like men, the structure of the body is not female at all, and its very suspicious that she does not allow you to approach your face to her pussy... i mean just look at her pussy close, without touching, she don't allow you... Jesus, that's strongly suspicious! The first escort on my life with that unnatural rule...

I have been with many girls in my life; just NEVER felt before that embarrasing feeling that Bianca made me feel. I remember in the past, even calling a escort and then a really fat woman showed up to my hotel (much more that 100 kilograms! and completely different that web pictures); that was really disgusting, BUT it was better than Bianca's impression...
You know, the girl is friendly but i can't swear that she was born as a woman; i am sorry but i can't get off my head this idea.
Please, understand that i am not saying she is a man ( i have no proof) but she looks me that, and i strongly suspect that: i trust more on my intuition (which never fails) than what Bianca could tell us. I also have to say that, if this is the case, and i am right, its an absolutely unacceptable situation: this girl can not keep laughing of us.

I am sorry if Bianca does not like this review, but its my personal opinion, and people should know it. If i had the opportunity to read the yeni's banned comment i had not called this girl, and i would avoid myself a disgusting experience. Please, let the people read and decide, not censure the opinions you don't like, because in that case this forum would be no helpful.
Of course i am willing to provide all the information that administrators of this forum want to ask me.
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I agree with some of the previous posters. I can't confirm whether or not she is a TS, but she seemed so masculine (hands, feet, voice, etc.) to me when I met her that I assumed she was and cancelled our date.
Wouaou, it's not nice to have removed my post.
I saw her again in a bar of Roppongi. I was with friends so it was very annoying, especially with my experience. Off couse, I did not talk to her.
So if you want to make your own idea it's possible to see her at Motown House in Roppongi.

Motown House have a sulfurous reputation, but it is a bar very popular and very funny with a good Disco/Funk music and some atypical customers...
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For the moment, I am locking this thread until I can sort out some of the messages we are receiving regarding this thread.

Please be patient while we sort some things out.

Today, I would like to share an update with everyone.

We have received a lot of feedback about this thread and we deeply appreciate the time everyone made to comment about it.

Likely, sometime this week, we will re-open this thread and leave it as-is based on what we have heard and seen. As I informed Bianca directly, we frown on censorship deeply and it's something we want to avoid altogether.

You, the members, have made your point very clear and this was a major factor in deciding which action to take.

Please check back for an update on this thread.

We appreciate your patience.

Thread has been reopened.

Thank you to all of those who filed comments about this thread. We appreciate your understanding while we conducted our background check on this

For our findings...

1) We could not locate any other review for Bianca. (Negative or Positive)
2) We found that pictures featured on Bianca's site are also used on other escort sites. (same person working for different agencies or someone is jacking someone else's photos)
3) Various comments from different members had similar comments and observations. Thus, we will follow the majority on this.

I have advised Bianca via email that she may respond to this thread herself as she has a user account here on TAG.

To the community: I would like to find other reviews of Bianca from some other site other than TAG. Please sent me a private message if you have a link to share.

Thank you to all.
Here's a short follow-up on some of the picture research:

Her main site is here:

We've found her other sites and/or other various pictures:

Tokyo Escort Bianca - Profile 20497
Tokyo Escort : Bianca
Bianca from Tokyo - Female Escorts
Escort Bianca

And additionally, we were informed about pictures being used here:

Tokyo Escort - Girls - BIANCA
Tokyo Escort - Girls - LAN
Tokyo Escort - Girls - YUNA

So, we are not really sure who is who. Anyone want to comment about which pictures are actually Bianca? We were to independently verify that some of these pictures were taken during the months of July an August 2010.


**This post does not recommend nor endorse the advertisements posted at these various sites, this is for informational purposes ONLY.**
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