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Review: Kaori, Aki, Avi, Yuki, And Hitomi Of Hipness

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Sep 7, 2012
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Let me start off by apologizing, I have read and gathered tons of intel but have not taken the time to sit down and contribute in quite a while. So let me do a bit of catching up! After all, we should all start this coming new year fresh, right!? :p


So I know there are a few others that have experienced her on here... unfortunately, I was not able to see those reviews prior to my meeting with her. She is by no means young, to say the least. She is listed as 29 but we all know the "Yoshiwara" system but by no means was she overweight. (At least back when I saw this past summer.) Her body was okay. I wouldn't say slim or overweight; average would be the best have described her. I didn't feel like enduring the train ride home and decided to stay the night in Shibuya. I can't remember the name of the LH that I stayed at, but do remember that the room came equipped with a semi-outdoor jacuzzi. Not bad for 14,000 yen/per night in Shibuya.

She arrived and we sat down and engaged in some small talk over a drink. I must admit I was a bit shocked initially when I saw her face but I was already a couple beers in and goods looked enticing at the time. After a little bit of fondling we got ready for a shower. Maybe I was just lucky, but afterwards, she was buck wild. No DATY... I didn't particularly care to perform that night. But her BBBJ was decent and her oppais' were quite nice. A good handful, no weird smells that I can recall. I did have her for a long session that night and got 3 good pops with her. Her mount, especially reverse cowgirl, was notable and DS was pretty fun. Overall, I would have enjoyed it more if she was a few years younger... but once again, it's Hipness.


A couple weeks after seeing Kaori, I was wandering Tokyo indulging in a little bit of landscape photography, when I had the sudden urge for some TLC. I decided to pay "Minami no Shima" in Ikebukuro a visit (will save that review for later) and afterwards decided that a BBBJ wasn't enough. So I weighed my options and decided on Hipness over AM. I met with Aki that afternoon. She is definitely in a small package, probably just under 5 ft (150cm) but I like that from time to time. Nice little breasts and cute little ass on that one. There was no wasting time on this one. We talked for a couple minutes and then proceeded to undress and shower. Once cleaned we straight to the fun stuff. BBBJ while I fingered the nether region. A little protection for me and we pounded like bunnies. She was quite the vocal type, although routine acting is suspect. Overall decent in my book.


Photos were definitely a little misleading on this one. She a little bit of a pot belly going on. But great C cup breasts that were fun to lick and tease. Routine was usual. Small talk, shower, and to the bed. Her service, however, was on par! Great BBBJ. She especially gave me those innocent eyes looking up at me as she sucked away. Very nice! We then proceeded to fornicate in various positions and then the first pop. We took a break and enjoyed some more conversation and had a cigarette. Then back to the bed for round 2. Now, I typically do not kiss girls from Hipness. I feel more comfortable w/ DFK when with girls from AM (more GFE related). But for whatever reason we ended up DFK. Spontaneous, I think this aroused her more because her motions became more intense. I then switched it up and went DS and while easing in with motions, I slipped my free hand on her clit and massaged it. She really liked this. Once I was rev'ed up, I slammed it into second gear and started to pound away. Within seconds, I was a jackhammer at work. She was moaning and thrashing about in delight. I kept this going for quite a while, coupled with short intervals of slowed pace and once again pounding away. This went on for a good 20 minutes and then I felt like I was approaching the finishing lap. I started pounding harder and she was screaming at this point. That's when I felt her pussy going through the contracting motions and she was starting to cum. I held for as long as I could and then pulled out and CIM and breasts. Great 90 minute session! Too bad she quit working there.


I had a visit with her last month. Initially upon arrival, I was relieved to see that she was slim like her photo suggested. Nice moderate hourglass figure and perky tits... they felt enhanced though. She insisted on CBJ, which I obliged with no issues. YMMV or maybe BBBJ is just not her style and I can respect that. This was just a 40 minute session. So washed up and got to business. Not bad but she could definitely give a little more effort.


I had been wanting to play with Hitomi for quite some time. I like girls with a bust, but in Japan that is not always guaranteed and so I make do without. But Hitomi is listed as an F cup and appears to be cute in her photos. I met her in Uguisudani at Legend P-Door. She is cute. Small packaged but had some puppies ready to burst out of her sweater. Slim with a nice cute ass. She looked to have natural breasts and nice nipples to suckle on. She is, however, a little on the saggy side once the bra came off. This was especially noticeable later on when she was riding on top of me and the swinging from side to side like an utter on a cow. They are natural and pretty soft to the touch. You can tell that she is older than what is listed. She told me 29 but I suspect early 30's. She must of had a child at some point because of the sag and my gut instinct. They definitely did not feel young and in their prime. Not bad but I will not choose her again.

That's all I got for now. I see that Rumi has returned to Hipness... her and Jen have my eye as of the moment. But I will wait and hopefully hear before trying. Plus, I'm due for some genuine GFE. I'm thinking of either Kitty or AM's Bruna or Asami. J-girls tend not to have much junk in the trunk so Bruna was a nice change when I last saw her!

Kitty looks to be promising and is British if I'm not mistaken. Would love to be spoken to in a British accent while having some fun!
Kitty looks to be promising and is British if I'm not mistaken. Would love to be spoken to in a British accent while having some fun!

Actually, Kitty does not have a British accent, although I think she could probably fake one for you in the name of customer service :)
Actually, Kitty does not have a British accent, although I think she could probably fake one for you in the name of customer service :)

Excuse you, Zaphod! I assure you a Brit can tell a fellow Brit, no matter how long she's been away from the homeland. And I'm a terrible actress.

Aquos: Thank you for your interest, and I really enjoyed reading these reviews. I'm Scottish, and the accent comes out a lot more when I'm roused ... or talking to a fellow Brit. ;)
I'm Scottish, and the accent comes out a lot more when I'm roused ... or talking to a fellow Brit. ;)

I thought it was also a bit more noticeable after the first couple of glasses of wine or whatever it was we were drinking that night.

Thanks a lot for the reviews. Now a lot of the Hipness ladies have at least one review. Which I for one appreciate! I`m sure others do too!
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