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AM Review: Lili of AM


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Jul 29, 2011
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As promised, here are my notes on Lili. I don't see much point in repeating everything in mawjav's review (which, after meeting Lili, I whole-heartedly agree with, even though I can't claim to have matched all of mawjav's studly exploits - I only wish!) But, let's see what I can add.

There was a little bit of a timing mix up, but when Lili showed up, AM called me and I went down to meet her near the hotel entrance. For some inexplicable reason, I got to feeling nervous as a school boy on the way down. Not sure what was up with that, but that just put me further off my guard, so that I was completely unprepared when she came into view.

After seeing the pictures on AM's site and reading mawjav's comments, I guess I was expecting an average looking, maybe even moderately attractive girl, but there was nothing average-looking about the woman I found waiting for me. Wearing a silky dress that clung to every curve, very tastefully made up, and wearing stylish wire-framed glasses that made her look oh so sophisticated (my God, did she look hot!), I was awe-struck by her unexpected beauty.

I realize that this is all very subjective, but I think most western guys would agree that Lili has je ne sais quois. Personally, I think she is so smokin' hot, especially when she flips her hair back behind her ear and looks you in the eye from down there, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself :)

I stammered out an introduction, and I think she interpreted my fumbling as a sign that something was wrong. She asked, "am I okay for you?" Are you kidding me?! I'm in freakin' heaven here! I yammered a bit more before finally suggesting that we head for my room, and I'm guessing I had a pretty stupid looking grin by now. She took my arm lightly and leaned softly against me as we got into the elevator, and I started to feel... well, you get the picture.

It just gets better from there, but I won't bore you with all the details. I will simply say that Lili is amazing. I think her own words, the ones she repeated to me again and again over the course of a long session, sum it up best: "I am here for *you*. Just tell me what you want."

Caution: could be extremely habit-forming. :rolleyes:
Hi Kitsune,

I'm happy you were not disappointed by Lili following my earlier review. She is a smashing little Japanese lady. My only problem now is, following the positive responses to initial review, will I ever be able to book her again!

Hope so!

All the best,

Hey Mawjav,

Sad to say that I'm not living in Tokyo right now, else I'd give you a serious run for the money. I wasn't kidding about that habit-forming warning ;)

Anyway, thanks again for the awesome recommendation. Lili is definitely in my top 3.

My experience with Lili is that she is all of the above.

She arrived on time, is really sweet and understanding and provided an unforgettable girlfriend experience.

I found that telling her what I like is 100% the key to success.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Treat her with kindness and respect and you will be amazed!