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Review - Lili of AM

Serenity Now

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Sep 15, 2012
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Having found AM through TAG and chosen Lili based on other reviews I feel obliged to give my input on her.

Chose the 2 hour option with meeting in Shibuya and walking to a nearby love hotel (if forum rules permit I will post the hotel link, it was quite nice with plenty of room styles to choose from, totally anonymous checkin & out for those you prefer it). I dealt with AM via email and they replied promptly, very easy to setup the appointment. As expected Lili was right on time.

She is very attractive, if not in the typical Japanese cute sense.

As others have written, very nice rack, well proportioned and firm. Shaved down below with a nicely trimmed patch above, more than a landing strip, but nicely maintained. And a nice firm small butt. All in all a small but very nice package.

I made sure that I let her know my preferences when things got under way to try and get the best out of our time together. We showered and got into the tub and spent some time getting to know each other. Then off to the bed, got relaxed and worked my way down for some nice DATY (my personal favorite activity), very responsive. Went for missionary to finish.

After some time relaxing and chatting went missionary again. As I am no longer at my youthful best I was happy to go two rounds. Lili's physique and attitude certainly helped.

I will certainly repeat with Lili at some point in the future. Also thumbs up to AM, very easy to deal with. Next up I would like to meet with Sora, my preference is for the more petite girls.

how much did the love hotel cost? what was the name and what direction and distance from train station? did she speak good english or did you speak japanese? you had to pay for both the ladies time and the love hotel right? thank you for sharing
try posting with out numbers, just type words out, like the room was one ten thousand yen, what was the cheaper room for two to three hours?
Take four without numbers, tried to edit but the text was also lost, and cutoff at the first number, maybe it was the Yen symbol, I tried to get to fancy...

Prices ranged from six thousand to sixteen thousand. Depended on room theme and amenities. I asked AM to direct us to a decent LH and was not disappointed. It was around six to eight minutes from Shibuya station up the hill past the Uniqlo store.

And yes hotel is extra, AM make this clear on their website.

Lili speaks good English, while I am learning Japanese I am limited to basic expressions, which I at least tries to use when appropriate.

Hope this helps.
What browser are you using? > Serenity Now

And you can post the hotel link.

Sorry for the technical problems.
To TAG Admin...

Using an iPad. I think the Yen symbol was the problem. :)

To All...

Hotel is the SK Plaza. Website is HOTEL SK PLAZA . While the site is in Japanese, using Google on iPad as a search startpoint I can choose a translation to English which for the most part works OK with this site. :)