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Review - Lili of AM

Serenity Now

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Sep 15, 2012
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After a grear first visit with Lili a month ago I decided to meet up again.

Unfortunately I was very disappointed.

She was just not into the session. After our first meeting I would have definitely recommended Lili, but after our second meeting i would say YMMV.

Maybe she was just having a bad night but she was just not into it at all. Now I will admit that I am not a lover extraordinaire, hence I am willing to pay 35,000 for 2 hours of companionship.

On our first meeting she was accommodating for DATY, very receptive, but during this session it was almost as though she did not want me down there at all. Went for DS and she was very non-receptive to the whole deal.

It was almost like I was meeting a different girl.

So all-in-all I will not see her again. Am certainly willing to try AM again but will have to think about who to see. Ai has some good reviews, and I had a good time with Sora too.

Anyway, I know Lili has some good reviews, and I will be honest that she has a great body, but for me I will not repeat. I am reluctant to post a negative review, but such is life. :(
I've been a regular client of Lili's since she joined AM about 18 months ago. It often happens that a girl's service falls away with time, as she becomes accustomed to the job and to her regular clients' needs. Lili's quality has lasted longer than most, but I also noticed a general lack of interest on her part during a recent (October 2012) booking. I echo your observation regarding her unenthusiastic response to DATY. This is an activity I really enjoy, and Lili has a great pussy, responsive to my hungry endeavours. But this time, she complained of didiscomfort - something she has never expressed to me before - and in the end I backed off from indulging myself to her ultimate satisfaction. Maybe she is ready for a break. In my experience, a period of abstinence increases the pleasures of life. With regard to Lili, I will not be repeating for a while.
I had a similar experience with her in september, see a post that i made then. I had a whole night with her and it was a drag. She gave me the "i can only do it for 20 mn" and more. Anyway, thank you for confirming it is not just I.

I did enjoy Nao, but to my sadness i see that she is not on the site anymore.
mawjav let us now whom you find good to eat :) this is also one of my favorite activities.
Interesting feedback. Also glad it wasn't just me.

I saw Sora about a month back and she was very receptive to DATY. Also a nice shaved pussy. Went at her pace and she appeared to enjoy it, twice in fact. She is very petite, was fine with me, just something to keep in mind.

Would certainly like to hear any other recommendations on girls at AM that are very open to DATY. I had noted loulou's review on Nao but also saw she was no longer on AM's menu.

Any recent experiences with Ai or Mako?

Of the current AM girls, Sora and Mai, both completely clean-shaven, responsive, and delicious for DATY. Tabete!
Ai is over-the-hill now, IMHO, having gained more than a few pounds since her last AM photoshoot.

Mako is very sweet, but too thin, as well as being bushy below, and if you like to cum on a girl (breasts, bum, legs, etc) she is paranoid about getting anything on her skin, though CIM is fine. Go figure!
Had setup an appointment with Ai but she cancelled, so went with Sora again. And agreed, excellent DATY, tabete indeed. Will post a review.
Would second Mai is very receptive to DATY and indeed she is very cleanly shaved. She also has soft and all real breasts (larger side). Her availability however is problematic - Thursday nights and only some weekends. Tight work schedule, according to her.
Tried to get Mai, and yes, she was unavailable mid-week. Will have to try and setup an appointment with her in the future based on the positive feedback.
Has anyone seen Lili recently? I have an appointment tonight, my first three choices weren't available. I'm hoping it'll go well since I may not have expectations that some of you might have, since it's my first time with an escort.