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Review - Make Up - Ayumi


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Mar 4, 2011
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I made my way back to Make Up for another soapland experience

and had reserved a spot with Ayumi

Ayumi is very slender and has a very taught and firm body. She says she likes to go to the gym and work out - swim - and it shows. Flat stomach, firm butt, skinny yet toned legs. She is new to Make Up, but said she worked for another shop for a while. She changed jobs because she was feeling pressure from clients to go bareback in these sessions. That freaked her out and she found that the Mandarin Group was strictly condom only.

Her web profile says she's 23...could be, but she seems a bit older. Probably in her mid to late 20's, though. The girl in the picture is Ayumi, with a bit of an air brush job. Her face is a bit more angular in real life. Pretty girl. Her breasts fit her body. They looked great on her. They're not large, but they were perky and she had nice tiny nipples. To me, I think she had a great body.

She helped to undress me and neatly folded and hung up my clothes before proceeding to play time. Lots of kissing right away. Ayumi was a very active and aggressive kisser. I liked that. It's a nice way to get things started. I was sitting on the bed and she was kneeling in front me giving me a great BBBJ. I pulled her up on the bed and continued to play. She was nice and clean downstairs. Hair was neatly groomed. Three positions before climaxing.

Second round began after some chit chat, a drink, being washed and soaking in the tub. A funny conversation ensued about where were we during the earthquake. She wasn't at work but heard stories of girls and customers engaged in the act when the earthquake hit and not wasting any time putting on their clothes, but instead grabbing a towel and wrapping it around themselves as they evacuated the building. I can only imagine that in Yoshiwara the streets were littered with people like that. Oh to have been a tourist with my camera that day!

I chose mat play for my second round and Ayumi is really good. Great technique. She's constantly touching you in multiple ways. Tongue, mouth, hands, body. Not a lot of gliding of the body, but lots of erotic touching. Felt great.

You know I hadn't ever thought of this before, but there is something to having your feet rubbed against someone's breasts and having the toes sucked. That's really a good feeling. Especially as you feel the nipples rub across the sensitive bottom of your feet...really good feeling...and on top of that getting your toes sucked.

Mat play continued and I was flipped over facing up and we started round two, which ended 2-3 positions later on the bed.

Two hours went by really quickly.

Ayumi overall was great. I think the best I've had so far. Though I haven't had many. She doesn't speak English - so if you're going to see her it'll probably be best if you can speak some and carry on a conversation. I get the sense that she's somewhat experienced in this industry. She was very professional and nice.

Total damage was 60,000. That includes the 10,000 yen gaijin tax. Expensive, but still better than at Ascot Club, and others like that, who aren't discounting their prices. At the Mandarin soaplands (Mandarin, Make Up and Orchid Club) they have all-in pricing which is significantly reduced from their normal total all in fee of 75,000.

On the way back the driver was telling me about his job. He had started 6 months ago and got into the business because it is a family business back in his home town. His father owns one shop. He was giving me the ins and outs of the business and said that they run themselves legally as a massage and sauna place. That's why in each room there is a portable sauna, but no one every uses it. He expects there to be visits from the police 2-3 times per year and insurance companies equally as much. Police and insurance companies usually are the ones that will shut down a soapland. I think that's what happened to King's Court. There were some insurance infractions and their insurance coverage was revoked for a few months. Looks like they're back in business, however. Police will go knocking on people's doors to see if any hanky panky is going on. And if they do it's a fine, to suspension of licenese, etc.

All in all a fun night. Definitely would do this again...