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IND Review: Manami TMK


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Jul 29, 2011
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These are my notes on Manami (of tokyomeltykiss). My review is similar to others that have already appeared here, but I haven't seen one recently, and for noobs who don't read way back into the archives, it might be helpful to mention her close to the top of the pile from time to time. She is definitely worth the premium, and not to be missed.

It was non-stop action from start to finish. She met me near my hotel, greeting me like I was an intimate and sorely missed friend. In the hotel elevator, she backed that luscious derriere up to me and drew my arms around her, taking my hands right to those beautiful, soft breasts (they are impressive!), all the while speaking English like a native.

When we got to the room, I wanted to warm up with a drink and small talk, but Manami clearly had other plans. We did sit down with drinks, but she was all over me from the moment I sat down, and within a few minutes she was coaxing me into a shower that was like none I've ever had before. Who needs drinks when you've got Manami?

She brought her own soap, and we were a slippery, sudsy, tangle in no time. She is a great kisser, and she knows how to use those nearly perfect breasts to maximal effect. I almost blew right there in the shower. Wow!

Once out of the shower, she steered me to a sitting position and began to have her way with me. To say that she is insatiably voracious in her oral approach doesn't quite capture her style. She *really* goes for the gold, and intends to get it one way or the other.

I'm typically a one-shot in two hour sessions (I so envy mawjav!), as I need a little more recovery time, so I usually hold off until close to the end. Manami was having none of that, and relatively early on I could hold back no more. When I told her that I normally can't finish twice in a short session, she just got this look of determination in her eyes, and I knew right then that she would be the exception :)

After the second pop, we had some time left, so she finished me off with a what felt like a professional oil massage (nice!), and then we had another hot and sudsy shower that, while it was a little less action-packed than the first one, was still an event in its own right. What a woman!

Style-wise, Manami is quite a forceful lead. It was a little much for me at times, but even so, I will repeat. It was just sooooo good overall. In terms of ratings, I'd say

attitude 9.5 (nice, intelligent girl),
breasts 9.9 (they're awesome!),
pussy 9 (didn't get to see enough of it, but tight),
bbbj 10 (never had anything like this),
bottom 9.5,
service 9.5

I generally don't give 10's, because it's only relative to what I've already experienced, and the best may be just around the corner, but years of experience say her bbbj skills are off the charts. I highly recommend this girl.
@Kitsune -- once again, thanks for providing a valuable report.

We appreciate your time in sharing such a detailed report. :)

I had the chance to meet Manami several times. Once I ask her if she could bring a friend. She has one, donations 2 times a single lady. But it worth it, imagine to have to Manami, they both killed me in one hour. Highly recommended!!!!