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AM Review: Miki/AM (take 2)


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Jul 29, 2011
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Aching. Longing. Yearning. These are a few of the words that come to mind when looking back at my second try with Miki. It was sooooo good, I just want to see her again as soon as I can.

When I took up this hobby, I quickly learned that it is *very* important not to get attached, and I am very rational and adult about this. If I had many opportunities to see Miki, though, I have the feeling I might have to struggle with this. That's how good it is with her.

When Astrako reviewed Miki, he said that she is not the more beautiful provider. Interesting how subjective this is. I agree that she does not have the kawaii J-girl look, yet I think she is stunningly beautiful. If I saw her in a store, on the train, in the station, wherever, I would try to be really careful not to stare, yet I know that my eyes would be repeatedly drawn to her. What a hot girl!

She showed up right on time. I had to meet her in the lobby, and as luck would have it, the elevator filled as we stepped in. By the time we reached my floor, there were two middle-aged men remaining in the elevator. As Miki and I stepped out, I wondered what they must be thinking about this gaijin with this stylish, smokin' hot Japanese woman. I can only imagine, but I feel certain that they noticed, and that they envied me intensely :)

When we got to the room, we opened a bottle of wine and settled down on the couch. I admired her long, beautiful hair as we played with a game on my phone, and her easy laughter and relaxed bearing encouraged me to put my arm around her, to stroke her hair, to ease into comfortable intimacy. She leaned without hesitation into our first kiss, and as our lips gently intertwined, I soon felt the subtle yet increasingly urgent insistence of her rising passion. Within moments we were intensely entwined, and I knew then that this was going to be an experience I will never forget.

Miki does not speak a lot of English, so if conversation is important to you, better practice your Nihongo. On the other hand, she has some very impressive body language :) and she can formulate some rudimentary English statements/questions. My Japanese is improving, so this wasn't an issue for us, and we communicated quite well. But, this may be a limitation for some.

As Astrako noted previously, Miki is not a pro. She does not focus on pleasing you. Rather, she focuses on the experience itself, on what she is feeling. Some guys might not like this, but I think it's *such* a turn on! She *really* enjoys the sex, the kissing, the touching, the gentle caresses, the rises and falls in intensity, the ebb and flow of hours of lovemaking. Making love with her is exactly that. I think it's as close as you can get without a long-cultivated emotional bond. Amazing!

Scoring seems somehow crude given what I experienced with her, but I think some find this useful, so here it is:

attitude: 9.5 (funny, relaxed, and clearly enjoys the interaction)
breasts: 9 (perfectly shaped, especially looking up from below)
pussy: 9 (shaved, clean and fresh, and tight!)
bbbj: 8.5 (passionate, yet soft and light)
bottom: 9 (slim, shapely)
service: 8.5

The service score is difficult to tally, because that's not really her style. As I said, she is not a pro. The interaction is much more GFE than service-oriented, so even though it's "only" 8.5, I don't see this as negative. I will repeat at the next opportunity.

I don't know what else to say. There are certainly more details I could share, but I think the points have already been made. Miki is primarily in Osaka, but she shows up on the Tokyo roster without warning from time to time. If you get a chance to meet her, don't miss it. She's a rare treasure.