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Hipness Review: Miki of Hipness


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Jul 29, 2011
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I tried to book Risa, but she is still out, recovering from her auto accident. The guy on the phone suggested Miki. I looked at her profile, and thought she doesn't look her age (36), and that it could be an asset (experience), so I said okay. Big mistake.

She showed up almost 10 minutes early. As soon as I opened the door, I was greeted by that foul old smoky bar smell, the one where the cigarette smoke (and other stuff) has been soaking in for a couple of years too long. Yuk. And the teeth revealed by her smile didn't make me feel any better. No way am I kissing that.

I realized that I had forgotten to ask if she was a non-smoker, and mentally calculated the odds that I could cancel on the spot without being blacklisted: roughly 0.0000001. So, I decided to try to make a go of it anyway. Mistake #2.

Getting to the heart of it: you know that recent post where Turtle said he's had experiences where he'd have been better off to throw the money out the window and have a good wank alone? This was one of those. I asked her to leave with more than 30 minutes remaining on the clock. Enough said.
I think that makes my decision for me for this time, and gets to the crux of what I was worried about in the first place... thanks for the review kitsune. Sorry to hear about your lost time and money!
In fairness, there are a couple of girls there who've gotten good reviews on this forum, so if you stick with them, you are probably going to be okay. I went off the reservation, and wasn't very careful about it, and I got burnt. Not all that surprising, when you think about it.

On the other hand, I'm confident in AM, and will likely stick with them unless/until hipness achieves a reputation for similar levels of quality. In my opinion, Miki is basically street-walker quality, and I don't know about everyone else here, but I have zero interest in that, not even for free.
Kitsune - thank you. Sorry to read about your experience with Miki.

We are aware that the owner of Hipness does read this site and we hope that this post is helpful in improving their services.

Thanks again for your contribution and best of luck on the next adventure.
We are aware that the owner of Hipness does read this site...
If true, then I hope he takes note and changes how far ahead they make the girls' schedules. Scheduling the girls only one or two days ahead (when the webpage lists a week at a time) is not the way to drum up business.

Some of us are in town (or others, in country) for a very short time and like to schedule ahead. If I have to wait until the last minute to see if the girl I want is available--on the off chance that she will be--I'm more likely to not bother and book with a sure thing a week ahead of time. On the other hand, if I do decide to chance it and hope my girl is scheduled during the short window I'm in town--and in the end she isn't--I'm pretty much screwed on the other services, trying to book them at the last minute, too.

Even if Hipness scheduled the way AM does would work out fine for such travellers. AM puts their weekly schedules out every Saturday for the entire week (rather than the schedule being released every day, bit by bit, as Hipness does now). At the very least that gives punters a week to plan ahead without scrambling to find something quality at the last minute because you see your girl isn't on the schedule the day before you arrive.

I hope that didn't come across as too negative, as I really meant it constructively. I think overall it's a great service. I just think it could be made even better.
I tried to book Risa, but she is still out, recovering from her auto accident...
By the way, it looks like Lisa is back. She's off and on the schedule again.