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Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by kitsune, May 31, 2014.

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    These are my notes on Monica of AM. Executive summary: beautiful south american girl with an oh-my-god-so-awesome figure. Maybe a little new to this, but if you manage to connect, she might be one of your better dates. Jury is still out on this one.

    It's been a while since I contributed a fresh review to TAG (it's hard to try the rest once you've had the best!), and I decided to give Monica a go. Her AM pictures give a fair representation of her figure, but you have to see her to really get the full impression. If you do see her, be it in a store, restaurant, train station, wherever, you *will* look again, and if you are into women, you *will* have naughty thoughts. She is stunning.

    She showed up right on time, and I was pleasantly surprised by her beautiful smile. Her native language is a spanish dialect, but she also speaks Japanese and some English. We got by with an interesting combination of the 3, and Monica is more than proficient with language tools on her smartphone. No problems communicating.

    She has a slender figure with stunning natural breasts that are both firm and soft. I will never forget the feel of those lovelies pressing against my chest as her legs pulled me in. And her hair! Long and silky, I'm smiling at the thought of it flowing across my chest as she rode me. Really nice!

    On a slightly less positive note, I had the feeling that she is a little new to escorting, and maybe not fully comfortable with it yet. She told me she was a little embarrassed getting into the shower, and the entire experience was a notch below the GFE experience I've had with other AM girls in terms of intensity. I didn't have the impression it was a connection problem, though. Rather, I felt like she is still getting used to escorting. I had the feeling that multiple meetings with her might really pay off.

    She wasn't much into kissing at first, planting a peck beside my mouth as I leaned in, and then turning away. As things heated up, she seemed less and less reluctant, and there were times when there was definitely some passion in the oral exchange, but overall, she seems not to like kissing. For me, it was CBJ only, and when her legs closed together as I headed down for daty, I was a little disappointed there as well, but I didn't push.

    After an extended session of fairly conventional missionary and cowgirl, we had some cuddle time, and that's when she really seemed to warm up. She kept stroking and kissing my face, calling me variations of handsome in multiple languages, and, true or not, it felt so nice! She seemed genuinely warm and affectionate.

    So, mixed results with the beautiful and sexy Monica. I have the feeling that, given a little more experience, and/or given another meeting or two to get to know one another, that she could be very warm and affectionate. I'll be interested to hear of others' experiences.
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    Good to see you, hope you are doing well.

    Thanks for dropping by to post a new review, we all appreciate it!
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    Welcome back. Look forward in hearing of your adventures.
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    After Kitsune`s informative review and seeing Monica`s photos, I bit the bullet and called AM. I speak Japanese pretty well, so when I want a Japanese provider, I usually go a cheaper route than AM ie) 5A Heads Grimpeur in Shibuya.

    Anyway, I was in the mood for a beautiful latina and Monica fits that bill nicely. I think since Kitsune saw her, she has had much more experience in the industry. She is a very nice lady and classy. Beautiful figure, and a face that could launch
    a thousand ships. As we were walking to the love hotel guys right and left were oggling her. She is a babe in my opinion. DFK, CBJ and she is very patient and accommodating. It was two hours of heaven. I got the 2 hour course with AM
    as it is only 7,000 more than the one hour.

    The only snag was that as I understood it, AM said that lady would know where to go in Shinjuku ie) which hotel to go to. But Monica didn`t seem to know, and I hadn`t scouted out hotels. So it was a little stressful finding a room.
    I had never used AM before. I know Uguisudani a little but not Kabukicho in terms of LHs.

    I would repeat. We spoke mostly in Japanese, a tiny bit in English and Spanish. I don`t speak much Spanish at all.
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