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Review of Primadonna / Yoshiwara


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Nov 30, 2012
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Good evening my friends,

After several times in Japan I finally made up my mind and went to that other kind of bathhouse. Primadonna has an event at the moment, 120 minutes of fun for 35.000 Yen. Called ahead (I speak decent moonspeak) and gave them an alias + estimated time of arrival, they greeted me in front of the building (You must be Mr Omodaka!) after walking from Minowa station and guided me in. Everybody was very friendly. I had already decided on a girl before ( Reika ) before, while on the phone they told me that she was NG for foreigners, it was OK at the establishment. What I didn't know about: The Yoshiwara age. 24 means 32, she said 33. I have a hard time ( :rolleyes: ) reaching an orgasm with a condom on, and she wasn't really tight. So I ended up leaving without blowing my load :-/. Not a satisfying end and kind of embarassing, but also my fault for not researching enough, I guess.
The washing and nurunuru was great, though. She was really skillful on the matress.

Other places I called were Satin Doll (highclass, 75.000 Yen for 100 mins including 10.000 foreigner tax) and Kadoebi Honten (38.000 Yen for 80 Mins, including 10.000 yen foreigner tax).