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Hipness Review Ross of Hipness


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Nov 2, 2011
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Had a meeting tonight with Ross from Hipness.
I am not so used to write reviwes but hope this can be to some us for somone.
I booked 80 minutes session at a love hotel.
Pictures on homepage is giving a true picture and it is a nice Thai girl. Age is also probably tru (27).
She had an ok body with nice tits, even if she maybe had some kilo to much to be perfect but for sure a 7 for the body.

She speaks little english but not enough to make any real conversation if that is what you want =)
Started that she cleaned me off in the shower. Feelt a bit strange but was nice when she cleaned the lower parts:D
We then jumped into the jaccuci and touch each other all over. Here came the only disapointment since she not did kissing. She had just put in silicon inhere lips and could by that not do kissing. I saw the marks so this I trust here and normally she do this she said. I then instead had to focus on here tits.

After some time in the bath we heded for the bed and contiuned there to touch each other even more since she not could do blow job due to here lips.
Then we started some real action and went on with the missioner. Was really nice and she played with in a very good way so that it really feelt that she liked it a lot.
We then moved on to doggy style, here I had to be a bit careful since she was rather short and here I then had to be a bit careful. But still it was really nice and after a while I reached klimax.
After this we coudle a bit and she is a very warm and nice girl.
Then almost an hour had passed and I actually feelt that it was enough since I was very tiered.

Overal I can really recomend Ross if you are looking for a GFE.
Will probably book a girl from this agency tomorrow as well but will then try another since there are many nice girls on the homepage.....
Thanks for the review. Personally, kissing is a must for me (rather basic must) so I'll be sure to not order this one.
Maybe to clearify about the kissing.
It was only a problem now since she had enlargen the lipps.
Sure it not is a problem a normal day.
Thanks for the review, like I said before, seeing lots of information popping up about these places.

@Shinobi - for the Thai girls, they properly speak minimal Japanese. For filipino and Korean types, not sure but maybe the same situation. The non-Japanese girls are usually on here temporarily (visa issues of course) so they make quick cash and jet out of the country. (they come back in some cases to repeat)
Can not judge how good Japanese Ross speak but she spoke with the lady at the love hotel and she had bin many years in Japan
Interesting. Thank you for the reply and information. Yes, I do doubt there is a fuuzoku visa lol