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Review - Sora of AM

Serenity Now

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Sep 15, 2012
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After Ai had to cancel setup an appointment with Sora. Had seen her before and she did not disappoint on our second meeting.

She is cleanly shaved and very responsive to DATY. Also has very responsive and sensitive nipples. Go gently on both and she responds very well.

After a good long DATY session finished DS, very cute butt, and then cuddled for a while, very relaxing.

Went for round 2, some more DATY and then a nice BJ to finish.

As before, Sora has a very slim build fthomson it matters, but both times it has been a very enjoyable 2 hours.

Will definitely repeat when able.

It seems yo are the lucky man who got Sora this weekend, congratulations! i just try after you but you are faster than me :) :) :)
I am sorry that it has taken me so long to write about my experience with Sora. Pure laziness on my part. I got a lot of good information from the board and I should have posted a review earlier.

I saw Sora back in November on a trip to Japan and obviously the details are a little fuzzy now but it was a great session. We went to a love hotel and spent a long time talking and getting to know one another. It was my first time using AM and my first time in a love hotel. By the time we got into the tub I am sure close to an hour had passed. This was my "fault" but I wasn't interested in rushing things. It was really cool, kind of like when you meet a new girl at a bar and get to know her. I am sure had I wanted to, we could have started earlier. And since I doubted I would cum twice anyway, I didn't see the need to rush. The thing I remember about the tub was how wet Sora got, even underwater. It was a great turn-on.

We went to the bed and she gave me a good bbbj and then I went down on her. I can't remember all of the particulars, but it was fun, we went through several positions and I was having such a good time I came in the condom, although I usually like to finish CIM.

By this time, there was less than a half hour left and I figured there was no way I would go a second time. We were lying on the bed, she on her stomach, and I reached down and started to rub her pussy. She started to get so wet that it was a complete turn-on and much to my surprise, I immediately started to get hard again. I got the second condom and then went right in that position, lazy doggy, and much to my surprise I came again. This from someone that never cums twice in an hour appointment, let alone within about 20 minutes.

Sora is really thin. Amazing, really. Not an ounce of fat on her and with very small breasts although good sized nipples. If that is not your body style she probably won't be of interest but I still think about her and would love to see her again. I'll be back in Tokyo in June and July and I am considering setting up another appointment with her. My only hesitation is the limited time and funds and the desire to also see new girls. But I would really recommend.
Thanks for the review. I've seen Sora a few times. She's a really attractive woman if you like the petite types, and her English is good enough to hold a conversation with her.

By the way, you can always start a new thread if you have a new review of the same girl, so we aren't bumping old threads.

Thanks for the review as well. Seems to be narrowing the list down to my choice for some soon to be fun time. You remember about what time you met up with Sora?
Sora is my favourite and I try to see her once a month.

She is slender, with tiny breasts and ultra sensitive protruding nipples, a peach of a bottom, slender limbs, is clean-shaven below and highly responsive to DATY.

Her BBBJ technique is very gentle with lots of saliva, soft touches and strokes. She doesn't go in for the porn star beating, but prefers to touch you as she wants you to touch her. So be slow and be gentle.

She doesn't like DFK. There will be limited kissing, just touches and brushes of her lips to yours. But for me this adds to her sensuality.

Currently Sora has long, died blonde hair, which is soft and fresh. I like pigtails, and she will wear her hair to meet your desires if you ask (and provide hair ties). She will wear anything for you. Along with the AM cosplay options, which she loves, you can bring along new stockings or freshly-laundered long socks and she will wear them for you.

Overall, Sora is quite passive. She seems to get off on letting you do the driving. Guide her hands and mouth to where you want and she will follow.

The one exception is CIM. She won't let you come in her mouth or on her face, but anywhere else is fine.

Her English is passable. She isn't fluent, but will converse with you as best she can. She has a delightful personality, full of surprises, a good sense of humour, and is a very smart young woman.

Hope this helps. Personally, I can't wait for Wednesday.....

By the way, you can always start a new thread if you have a new review of the same girl, so we aren't bumping old threads.

Thanks for the tip. I'll do that next time. Different boards have different rules/preferences and I didn't want to start multiple threads without knowing if it was ok.
Weekday or weekend? Thanks. :)

Sorry for the late reply. Work has been killing me. But in two weeks I will be back in Japan and hope to get some time to play. I met Sora on a weekday. Not sure if I will stick with AM this trip or venture out to some other providers. Any and all tips are appreciated!
GUS123, Thanks for the information. Only tip I have for now is if you want Korean scrub with FS you can try Raku Gotanda. Review info is at

Have a great time when you return Oh, I almost forgot Eri from Kansai Cherry Blossoms is in Tokyo now and you can contact Sayuri by looking at the following classified.
I met Sora last week and here are my thoughts.

It was a last minute decision to order in and all my other choices were un available and as I'm usually a club boo guy this was a bit out of my normal selection.

That said I went with Sora as I really don't like big girls and that's all that was left at am.

She is as others have said short and slim. Small breasts and large nipples that are sensitive as hell and pop out more then one would expect.

Smooth as a baby down town and she was deeply into DATY. She has an incredibly soft touch.

she isn't trying to beat the shit out of your junk, but rather is a soft as she can be at all times. BBBJ DS ETC......

I have to say as far as looks I'm not really a fan. And would never choose her again on that alone. But she is quality in every other area. I would gues though that she is late 30's though or she has been ridden extreamly hard and put away wet for many many years.

Call it personal preference on looks but she just doesn't do it for me at all in that department, so she won't be on my list of repeats regardless of her ability in the sack.