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Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by mawjav, Oct 25, 2011.

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    I tried Tsukina of AM recently. She arrived on time, nicely dressed, with good English skills as we chatted on our walk to the love hotel. Her face is not that of a cute J-girl, but big-eyed and full-lipped.

    Once in the shower she ran a bath and soaped me thoroughly. Tsukina is a well-built girl, as advertised, broad of hip and full of breast, with a plump stomach and thighs, and is unshaven below. Not much shower action, but once in the bath she enjoyed my sucking on her ripe tits and started to warm up.

    In bed, I initiated DATY and I expected BBBJ, but instead she took a condom in her lips and sheathed me with her mouth before performing a covered BJ. I was disappointed she didn't do BBBJ, and her covered BJ technique was too hard, almost painful. So I gave up on BJ and mounted for a quickie MS. Though physically quite passive, she is very vocal, moaning and groaning enthusiastically. She enjoys being taken more than taking the lead herself.

    After a break, I feasted on her breasts again, hardening up. I decided to take charge, following the covered BJ. Instead I straddled her and buried my dick between those warm pillows for a great tit job, spurting across her breasts and neck.

    She was surprised when I presented a third boner, but she enjoyed being taken DS. Her hips are very broad and I pumped her from behind, but couldn't quite manage a third.

    Attitude: 7/10. Tsukina is a friendly and accommodating girl, but nothing special.
    Service: 6/10. Willing, but ultimately somewhat disappointing, performing only covered BJ with rough technique.
    Body: 6/10. She could lose the stomach.
    Breasts: 8/10. Her terrific breasts were the highlights for me.
    DATY: 6/10. Warm and wet throughout, but too bushy for my tastes.

    Overall: a pretty average 6/10. I was looking for a bigger girl this time, or I wouldn't have booked Tsukina, but her service didn't match her breasts and I won't repeat.

    (Instead, I'll go with Risako again next time. Superior physique and great attitude and technique too. See my review hereabouts)

    Happy punting!
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    Mawjav, thanks again for another great contribution. We really appreciate it.

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