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Review - Yoshiwara Fantasy - Shizuku


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Mar 7, 2011
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Y-Fantasy (soapland)
Price: 27000 yen for 80 minutes
Gaijin-friendly: Yes
FS included: Yes
Contact: 03-3871-5416

Not sure if they are the same as the old Kings' Club (never been there) although some girls remain the same in their new website. Called them, the guy who answered don't speak a word of English but still managed to get the message through with my limited nihongo. Basically, u just need to state the time to pick u up (like san ji for 3pm) and the place.

Just a word of caution about the pickup place though, they may suggest a specific pickup point based on area u are in so u need to at least understand what place the guy's talking about. For example, for my case, I told them to pick me up from Asakusa station but they told me to wait at Asakusa View Hotel instead. In Japanese, it's pronounced more like Asakusa B-hoteru so took me a while to figure it out, lucky i understand hoteru means hotel. Picking up customers at busy spots around rail or subway stations seem to be a problem nowadays because the police seems to increase checks around such spots recently (got this info from a soapland website). If u really have difficulty getting the message across, just make your own way to yoshiwara, they are definitely gaijin-friendly so guaranteed no wasted trip.

Back to my visit... the driver picked me up and drove me to the place. Once inside, found out he can actually speak some english. Showed me price list, I chose the 80-min course for 27000 yen. Showed me the pictures of girls available, over the phone I said I wanted Sayaka but no harm looking through the selection. The guy pointed at Shizuku's picture and gave the thumbs up sign. Well, since others have tried and reviewed on Sayaka before, thought I give a different girl a try (and she does look smoking hot in the picture) so chose Shizuku.

As expected, the pictures are photoshopped. Actual girl looks 2 sizes bigger and complexion isn't as good as in pic. However, still looks decent and pretty cute, just a little flabby at the belly, big-boned but not to the extent of fat. Dyed hair and typical Shinjuku J-gal look. I am lousy at telling ages, my guess is around mid twenties but the way she talks and some of her mannerism are quite teenager-like.

Held my hand with fingers interlocked and led me to the room. Bed, bathtub, shower area, typical soapland setup I guess. Made me sit on the bed while she knelt before me to take off my socks and clothes. Then she took off her own clothes and asked me to sit on the lecher's chair and proceeded to clean me, esp at the lower regions. Then asked me to sit and wait in bathtub (filled with warm water) while she sets up the mat (more like a rubber raft). Gave me a nuru massage, I'll leave out the details here, it has to be experienced by oneself, all I can say is very slippery. After massage, still slippery and lying on the mat, BBBJ, condom on and she mounted me. The mat is too difficult to move on unless trained so I didn't change position, just let her do all the work while I enjoy the view.

However, after a while, I do not know if she is tired or sensed that I'm not going to cum soon, she dismounted, took off the condom and proceeded to wash me up. After washing, she said “Bed” so we wiped dry and moved to bed area. I was expecting some further action but she asked me what I want to drink and went on to order water from the phone in the room. While waiting for the drink to come, she just sat beside me and made small talk. Her english is limited so it's more like a Q & A session but she's very curious probably because I'm the first from my country she had interaction with. After we had our drink, back to action on the bed. She liked to nibble with her teeth (no marks, don't worry) which felt good. Not very good in her BJ, only nice part was she like to use her tongue to explore my pee-hole, other than that quite weak, no suction, little variety. 69, condom on again, a few positions and finish. Clean-up, shower (lecher chair again). End of session. Once again, held my hand and led me back to waiting room for driver to send me off.

Name: Shizuku
Looks: 6.5/10 (not a stunner, typical dyed-hair J-girl u most likely see around Shinjuku but taller & bigger-sized than average)
Body: 6.5/10 (like i mentioned, bigger than average J-girl but not fat, just fleshy and big-framed, nice big boobs, body not very firm, flabby in some parts)
Service: 6/10 (very friendly & polite, mannerism like young J-teen, but weak BJ and not making sure I finish on the mat deducted some points)
Repeat: I'll try the place again some other day, relatively cheap price for soapland and no risk of rejection but I'll probably go for some other girl
kawaii,thank you so much for your review.Definitively i will visit too last week from july,and i will post my exp too.

Is Shizuku listed on the webpage?
About FS,was Shizuku's initiative,or you told some to her?

Thanks in advance

Yes, Shizuku is on the website but she's not on my list until the guy at the counter showed me her pic showing the face. But like I mentioned, the pics are photoshopped so do not get your expectations too high.

FS is always part of the menu for soapland (as far as I know). I didn't have to ask but u are free to make your own requests to the girl for what u want (change of positions, whether u want to cum in a certain manner etc) as long as the requests are not unreasonable (like asking for SM or nama etc). Remember, always be polite and nice to the girls, we don't want to leave a bad reputation for us foreigners.

Another thing, although Y-fantasy is relatively cheap among soaplands and gaijin-friendly, it's actually one of the lower-end soaplands in yoshiwara. If u want higher quality girls and can afford to pay more, can check out some of the other soaplands there. From my knowledge & research, a decent amount of soaplands do accept foreigners but most of them are out of my budget.

Good luck and have fun :)
kawaii, thank you.
mami from their website is my type, they have some chubby ones there too.
The website photos aren't much help seriously (as the case with most websites). They have a poster at the entrance of their soapland listing all the girls available, I noticed some are not on the website and some are really smoking hot (from the photos). But the guy only showed me some of the girls to choose, not sure whether they are unavailable at the time or they don't serve gaijins. Just go down to the place and choose what you like over there.
Ok I have tried a few girls here (yes the girls from the old Kings Club moved here).

The pictures can be deceptive I would recommend not to go for a girl that looks busty or advertises herself as busty: you might end up with an ugly fat minger. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

So all of the following girls have smallish or average tits. Starting from best

KARINA. She will give you the lick of you life in the airbed. If you like to get a rim job she is the best. Very accomodating slightly tanned, slim, tall, good looking. Fingering OK. She is a real artist with the tongue. She is OK with touching and caressing. Overall satisfaction 10/10

RYO. Slim petite and fully shaved. Nice face. She will give you a very good BJ in the bathtub. She is the best in the airbed for full body rubbing. Polite and nice. Touching her... 50/50. No fingering inside. Tight in the inside. Overall satisfaction 9/10

SAYAKA. She is good in the air mattress. More heavy body built, fleshy. Very nice thighs. Also accomodating and polite. Tight in the inside. Fingering inside ... depending on her mood. She doesn't allow you to touch many parts of her body. Overall satisfaction 8/10

NANAKO. Tall, slim and fully shaved. Speaks a little bit of English. Good licking. This was a bit ago so I don't remember all the details. Overall satisfaction 8/10.

HAZUKI. Danger! Danger!. I am not a medical practitioner or a gynecologist but there was something "down there" that looked scary and out of place. Maybe a genital wart.... Avoid this girl.

Etiquette: The girls will undress you and proceed to shower you in a little stool. Be prepared for your a** and netheregions to be thoroughly cleaned. Don't be too agressive or take the iniciative too early or try to start fondling them before "allowed". Some girls are put off. Probably there are used to Japanese men who are done as they are told and let the woman do all the work.
After that they will ask you "Matto play?". Which means air bed. You have to say "yes of course (that is the only reason I am in such a fu**ing remote place in the middle of Yosihiwara)". Mat play starts with you facing down, then she will indicate when you should turn up. After you get in the mood you can stay in the airbed or indicate you want to go to the standard bed (personal choice). I like getting a shower, to remove all the gel and then go to the bed. In the bed you are allowed to take the iniciative, but don't be surprised if she diallows you from doing her this or that. Overall be polite and respectful (don't behave like a nasty Gaijin for the benefit of us all) and they will give you a good time. If you have time left you can request a massage (don't expect a very good one though).

Bad points: King's Club was very respectful or your booking choice. You will book a girl and once it was confirmed on the phone you will get it for sure. This place is not good in that sense, you might book an girl and when you get there they might tell you there was a change. This really sucks, but it is what it is. They have been trying to move the price up. At the moment 80 min costs 32k. You might negociate this down to 30k.

is this the only place that offer FS or does the old kings club offer them? cause the girls seems much attractive over there IMO. i really want to try out FS
Soapland = FS

I think FS is standard in any soapland you can tell by the price. It is common knowledge that Soapland = FS. The old kings club closed down and the management changed completely. As I mentioned before most of the girls moved to Fantasy. I don't know anything about the "new" Kings Club. I suppose they kept the name for continuity. As you know Gaijin are not welcome in most japanese sex establishments. So if you do make let us know how did it go.
If you go to the website : there is a list of gaijiim friend soaplands in Yoshiwara - i tried it and there was no problem at all, despite the fact i do not speak one word of japanese nor the guy was speaking one word of english, same as the girl... but no problem... but i find it very expensive... it was 65000 one of the high end soaplands everything included... as quoted on the website and no foreigner surcharge
Just to let you know Fantasy has remodeled and have new girl staff. Should check it if you have time. It is foreign friendly but of course price is 10000 yen above quoted price.
Hey I tried the website but it does not work. Where is this place located? Is it close to a train station?