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Review: Yuki Of Am


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Jun 30, 2011
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Happy New Year to all!

Yuki was terrific!

She arrived on time and, although this was our first meeting, she gave me a big smile and a wave from the Metro exit before taking my arm as I lead her to the love hotel. Her English is basic, but she is studying and attempts to make broken conversation in the same irrepressible style which she employs to good effect between the sheets.

Yuki is a well-built young woman, similar to Tsukina, but I found Yuki much more personable and we clicked from the off-set. She is bubbly, humorous, intelligent, and, as mentioned in other reviews hereabouts, a vocal lover. Some Western men aren't into the higher-pitched squeals often emitted on Japanese TV by over-the-top idols (attempting to sound like children in order to put insecure Japanese men more at ease). But Yuki's vocalisations, though similar in pitch and style, are in no way a put on. They are her genuine sounds of gratification. As such, they worked for me!

Shower-play was nice, with lots of DFK as she warmed up....and soaped up. Her breasts are full and wonderfully soft, with light-pink nipples that harden quickly under your tongue. She put them to good use, giving me a soapy TJ to completion. Her belly is soft, not excessively fat, her hips very broad with a wide and soft bottom, her thighs like warm marshmallows. She is shaven below, with a landing strip above.

Yuki dressed as a school-girl for me. The costume suited her perfectly, the skirt accentuating the curve of her hips, the blouse containing soft treasures to caress. She is a pretty woman, with a very sweet face, big-eyed and full-lipped, framed by long and loose freshly smelling dark hair. Billed as 31, she could easily pass for a Joshi Kousei!

DATY was excellent. She is very responsive, was wet throughout our encounter, and from the squeals and squeaks as she bit her finger or cupped her own breasts, she thoroughly enjoyed my attentions.

MS was also excellent. She let me ride her freely, wrapping her marshmallow thighs around me and pushing her soft body against mine as we bucked to completion.

BBBJ was out-of-this-world. Once I'd recovered, she went to work; planting soft kisses on my inner thighs, sucking my balls, hard-tonguing my shaft, deep-throating whilst I gripped the sheets and squirmed under her perfectly attuned attentions. But she didn't let me pop. Instead she mounted me, first feeding me her breasts, then spreading her full thighs for a wild cowgirl, squealing as she galloped to completion, her juices pouring over my jerking shaft!

I rarely even attempt a fourth pop, but I wanted her DS. We finished with her soft bottom bouncing back to meet me for a blissful ten minutes; she burying her face in the pillows in noisy ecstasy, me gripping her womanly haunches but unable to match her final climax.

Wow! A great addition and a solid 9/10 all round. Well done AM. A super date with a full-bodied wine. I will sample Yuki again.

Happy punting!
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Thanks for another great review, as well as for the reminder that I definitely want to repeat with Yuki. I've tried a couple of times, but schedules just didn't line up. I will keep trying.

I always enjoy reading your reviews, and I so envy your rapid fire capability (even attempting the 4th pop is amazing to me!).

Happy Punting New Year!