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Review: Yuko/AM


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Jul 29, 2011
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These are my notes on Yuko of AM. Executive summary: nice girl, cute, personable, but we didn't click, and I won't repeat. She's gotten high marks from others here, so if interested in her, be sure to read the other reviews.

We met near the station. I showed up 5 minutes early, and she was there waiting. She recognized me, and came up and addressed me by name. She asked if I speak Japanese, and I said maybe a little. She asked where I wanted to go, and I shrugged, having no experience with LH's in the area. With that she pointed, and we set off up the street.

We talked a little along the way, mostly in Japanese, but she switched to English whenever I looked confused. It was basic small talk (do you come to Tokyo much? etc.), and we soon arrived at the the LH, following another couple in. There was a panel of room pictures on the wall, each with a button that you press to indicate that's the one you want.

Yuko chose a room, pressing the button. We walked over to the payment window, which was mostly covered with a drape, except for just enough room at the bottom through which to slip payment (6250Y for 2 hours). I paid, Yuko picked up the key that came sliding out, and we walked to the elevator.

We quickly arrived at our floor, and our room was right next to the elevator. We could hear other people talking, a TV, and some music. It was a little noisy, and we could still hear the noise once we entered the room and closed the door. This was nowhere near as nice as the LH Miki took me to. This room had a cheap feel to it, and smelled strongly of stale cigarette smoke.

We left our shoes at the step in the entry, donned slippers, and walked through the sink/bath area to the bedroom. Yuko sat on the couch, and I handed her one of the bottles of water I had brought along. We sat, sipped water, and chit-chatted for a moment before she reminded me to pay in advance. I paid, she thanked me and texted AM, and then she suggested we shower.

She's very petite, with a cute face, and small yet shapely lips. Her frame is very slender and slight, maybe even delicate, yet she looks trim and strong. Her breasts are small, with prominent and perky nipples. She has a narrow mane of long, black vaginal hair that I found to be a little off-putting, but I did my best to ignore it throughout.

In the shower she soaped me down thoroughly, and I got my first hint of what was to come: even when she paid a lot of attention to soaping my junk, there was not much happening, just a little hint of arousal. That's really unusual for me. Also, I sometimes really enjoy returning the favor and washing her, but I was acutely aware of a feeling of awkwardness from my side, and I didn't try. She rinsed me off, and said "okay!". I took my cue and left the shower.

I hung around the sink as she finished up, and when she came out, she opened one of the mouthwash packets by the sink and swished. I followed her lead, and she left the sink and kneeled on the bed, dimming the lights a bit using the control panel at the head of the bed. She peeled back the sheets, and I crawled into bed.

Once under the sheets, she cuddled up with me, and as I gently stroked her hair and face, her lips found mine. She kissed me very gently, almost gingerly, and it felt strange, unfamiliar, tentative. I thought to myself that she does not kiss as warmly and freely as some of the other girls I've been with, but that it still feels kind of nice, despite her uncertainty. We laid there softly kissing and touching for a long time before I worked my way down for some DATY.

I'm not sure how to describe the rest of this 2-hour session, other than to say that it was a little bit of a struggle for me. In fairness, I felt inexplicably awkward with her, and this colored my entire experience (and maybe hers, too). On the other hand, I can't say she was responsive, and I definitely did not see the "bad girl" they refer to on the AM site.

She was very subdued, with only a little very quiet moaning, and while she eventually got very wet and seemed just a little more into it, that was only after a *lot* of effort on my part. I doubt very much that I was successful in bringing this girl more than the slightest amount of pleasure. Something was holding her back. I really wanted her to come alive, but whatever I tried, it just wasn't working. I felt like a bit of a failure, but at the same time, I realized that it really does take two, and her heart was simply not in it.

We finished a little early. We showered again, dressed, and left the LH with 10 mins or so remaining on the clock. We walked together toward the subway entrance where she would disappear into the crowd. Along the way, we had a very enjoyable conversation in which she talked freely about herself and some traveling she's done, and about other places she would like to visit. She seems like a nice girl, smart, cute... too bad we just didn't seem to hit it off in the sack.

Yuko has gotten some really good reviews here in the past, so to be fair, I will simply say that we didn't click, and chalk it up to chemistry. I think these girls have a very difficult job, and it's bound to be the case sometimes that they are just not going to be feeling it, for whatever reasons. So, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say, read the other reviews, YMMV.
Thanks for the review. You can skip my rambling below if you want- if you are looking for a girl who enjoys a session, AM's Miki is in town from Osaka for a few weeks. She's fun.

Frankly I think the reason that Yuko gets good reviews, and the reason I see her, is that if someone are looking to fulfill the fantasy of 'spending time with a young, petite Japanese woman in a love hotel', Yuko is the girl given the unfortunately limited choices for foreigners without good Japanese skills. I'd say my experience with her the first time was fairly similar to yours. I saw her again recently, and I think she opened up for me just a little, so either that came with familiarity or she read your thread here. :)

I think the problem with the whole 'bad girl' thing is that with very, very few exceptions, girls engaging in P4P don't actually get super-turned on when having sex with their customers, so the question becomes whether they act like they are turned on, and how good their acting is. There's a term for this I've seen used on other boards called "illusion of passion", and I think it's a particularly apt one.

Here's what I think are the components of a good provider:

-Business Skills- Is it easy to make an appointment? Does she show up on time? etc.

-Eye candy- She meets the physical appearance of a girl you are attracted to.

-Skills in bed- Specific stuff like is she a good kisser, BJ technique, is she tight, etc.

-Attitude- Is she all business? Refuses to do certain positions or gets tired easily? etc

-Illusion of Passion- how much does she appear to enjoy the physical act itself?

Yes, there's lots of behaviors that blur between two different categories. I'm generally of the opinion that lacking one or two of the above can be forgivable in many cases, at least for a one-off hookup. Some of my all time favorite providers had horrible scheduling skills, and girls that are ludicrously hot and have above average skills in bed can have a bad attitude, and I'll still walk away fairly satisfied.

I'd also say that a lack of illusion of passion is much more forgivable (all things being equal) than a girl who is way too fake with it. That's just my personal opinion. Girls that are obviously fake with their passion, that get really loud when they think I'm about to come, totally knock me out of the moment and are actually working at cross-purposes to their goal of getting me to come quickly.

Obviously the best providers are the ones that meet all of the above, and in Japan, I'm still looking for one that meets all the above.
That would be AM Lili. I don't know if we just click extremly well, but she provides me the 100% GFE.

What does GFE mean exactly? I have had girl friends and pros and it has always been better with the girl friend.
GFE (Girlfriend Experience) unfortunately doesn't really have a standard meaning. Generally it means "a standard session with a girl who has good attitude without a lot of rules", hence being with a girlfriend. This can mean a bunch of different things, all of which I touched upon above, such as:

- no clock-watching- girls sometimes either try to short a guy's time, or will stop mid-session to say 'times up', etc

- okay with clothing requests- some girls refuse to take their top off, won't consider standard requests for lingerie, high heels, etc

- not money-conscious or upselling - some girls do things like count money in front of the client, charge more for services that most consider standard, etc.

Most guys concentrate on the physical acts involved that make up GFE, such as "standard sex acts" like oral sex without a condom (BBBJ), kissing (DFK), and multiple pops in one session (MSOG). Things like anal sex, bondage, threesomes, etc, aren't considered part of GFE for obvious reasons.

From a physical act point of view (and for most of the other items listed here), I had no problem getting GFE from Yuko, but I think her shyness/intimidation/whatever other factor keeping her a little aloof is what might be missing here. That's not to say she's not a good provider. I just don't consider her to be an exceptional provider.
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All stated above plus keeping the professional attitude to an absolute minimum. I consider GFE if I can feel, see, taste, hear that the girl is really into it.
Thanks for all people commenting before: i like too much to read about people dont being fully satisfied. Sometimes we feel a little shy to do bad critics about a provider, because we feel sorry about her, but people is more interested on listening points to improve better than only reading "ok, she was perfect, you shoudl try!". in my case, i get a clear idea about i could expect when i read a post like this one. I shoudl try this lady in the future and provide my input. I hope i have the chance, but i suspect i will be in the same line that the people commenting here. If i have Sora or Miki available, it is hard to consider Yuko i guess.
I have given Yuko a very positive review in the past. I have enjoyed Yuko on several occasions since then.

I have also enjoyed a number of the other girls from AM and I can say that I have had experiences ranging from pretty good to mindblowing.

All things considered, Yuko is still my absolute favorite. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Tokyo and hoping our schedules match.

For me, Yuko is the perfect GFE.

It just goes to show that different folks have different tastes.

For the undecided, you can't go wrong with Lilli.
I had a very good time with Nao. She had most of the skills from the list meiji posted and and the illusion if any was un-noticed by I.
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I have an upcoming appointment with Yuko...I will send in a report afterwards. But wondering if someone could let me know about what to expect in terms of dos and don'ts? BBBJ, CIM, etc. ? All OK?
It was about 5 months ago now that I saw Yuko but I can confirm that at that time she was certainly comfortable with BBBJ. I didn't even really ask if she would do it or not, I just asked if we could do 69 and she just got into position and began without any move to grab a condom. I can't comment about CIM though.
It was about 5 months ago now that I saw Yuko but I can confirm that at that time she was certainly comfortable with BBBJ. I didn't even really ask if she would do it or not, I just asked if we could do 69 and she just got into position and began without any move to grab a condom. I can't comment about CIM though.
No CIM was my experience