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Sep 11, 2009
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To our members & guests:

After reading TKO65's latest addition to our library, maybe it would be a good time to start utilizing the 'reputation' feature. I'll need to consult with the forum manager and change a few configuration items, but what do you guys think about adding reputation to those who post good reviews?

You can always rate threads as well, but I thought as an added bonus we could use the reputation system as well. It's already enabled, but not really configured. (It shows up on the user's postbit with their name and basic information)

Your comments would be appreciated!

Any private comments from members can be sent via private message if your post count is over 10. Otherwise, please use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom right of the page to send your feedback.

Thank You.
Redundancy at its best: I support your idea.

It would probably benefit the rest of the forum anyway, so lets talk about with Eliah in the staff lounge. Probably could work on it this weekend, getting it tweaked for use.

We'll be posting some more information on this in the next few days. We'll start this new system on 8/1/2010 with the approved settings as discussed in our latest group meeting.
I can see this as the birth of a new no time, you are going to be the definitive Tokyo guide. Great work guys :)
I think it's an excellent idea. This is a very informative website keep up the good work

Thanks Ttylersan, we're still in the infancy stages, so please bear with us!

We're intending on releasing information on the reputation system soon.. things have been somewhat delayed due to staff members being hammered with real-life issues. (i.e. work)
Yeah! You guys are doing a fantastic job so far, I'm sure things will go fine.

Just keep things open and clear, more people will roll in with reviews and information as time goes along.