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Osaka Area Rio @ Matsushima


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Nov 4, 2022
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Rio @ Matsushima

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30 min/18000 yen + 20 min ext./10000 yen

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May 2024

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English Only

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So I was around the area and the reviews on here raved about Rio so I decided to pop in to see what the hype was all about. Finding the shop was easy since I used maps to scope the place out beforehand. When I arrived, I was told she was busy and it would be a 20 minute wait so I was escorted to a room with a couch and a small tv. I was offered some water and snacks as I waited. After she finished with her last customer, the mama-san knocked on my door and brought me over to the stairs. Lo and behold the gorgeous Rio was waiting there for me. She’s pretty much how everyone else described her so I won’t bore you with those details but damn she was cute. You know how you can build things up in your head and they usually don’t meet your expectations? Yeah this wasn’t one of those times. So we go upstairs and she asks me how I found out about her. I mention TAG and we have a little laugh. She shows me the menu and since it was pretty much the end of her shift, I chose 30 minutes (I should’ve gone earlier 😭). We take off our clothes and we head to the shower. We rinse our mouth and talk a bit while we clean ourselves up and head back to her room. I hopped on the bed and she mentions that people usually enjoy the view of the mirror but it wasn’t really my thing. Some light teasing of the nipples and then we began. I can’t remember the specifics but she is a great kisser. I was ready to spend all the time I had left just to kiss her if she hadn’t move it forward. I couldn’t finish in time which I guess has been an issue for me. She told me not to worry and we just continued. However the buzzer kept going off and I began to feel bad so I asked if I could just extend the time and so she pulls out the menu and I get an extra 20 minutes. After I bust, we get cleaned up and chat about our hobbies before she walks me out.

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Recommended, May Repeat.

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Her ability to carry a conversation is incredible because when I saw how cute she was, the little shy boy from high school came out. I guess a part of me just didn’t expect her to live up to the reviews on here 🤷‍♂️. I eventually came out of my shell and we had a nice chat. If you’re the type to fall easily, stay away because I got dibs 😤.
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Approved: 6/8/2024
Does anyone know Rio's schedule. Gonna be in Osaka next week and I want to see her. Thank you