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Risa of ND is a AV actress now


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Jan 12, 2011
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As the title says. If you visit her profile on the ND website she lists that shes a AV actress now.

Which brings me to the real reason why I'm posting today.

I was able to spend two sessions with her prior and since then I've unfortunately left Japan for good it seems.

After asking where I could buy her DVD, the mama-san/operator said via email that she can bring a copy of the DVD with her to any meetings.

If anyone does this, I'd be eternally grateful if you could tell me where I could buy it. PLEASE TAG, HELP A FELLOW TAGer OUT!

Also, in other news, it seems that they're doing a better job of using photos of the actual girls rather than using photos of AV/gravure idols that fit their description. Tae and Erika both have a new set of photos that look fantastic.
interesting, what's he rfull name? can you link any of her av vids? just covers