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RD Robo Deli - Juri, the kind of girl I want who could ruin my life

Robo Deli
Yeah I did robodeli 3 times this week and they were always very prompt as usual. Even when I was making stupid changes to my plans.
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Potentially a very stupid question, but when you say WhatsApp do you mean just calling their number on their website using WhatsApp? They never reply on Line (neither in English or Japanese) and I don't see any other form of contact besides a phone number to call.
in addition to the other comments for what its worth they replied instantly on WhatsApp. I messaged them, no calls needed.
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Have fun! Nice shop with solid choices and quite fair pricing. Gaijin friendly too. 😊
So great to hear. I haven't been in Tokyo for 20 years and going back later this year so I'm excited to see that it seems to have gotten a lot easier to visit places like this. My Japanese is rusty as hell so hearing that English also works as a fall back is great.
Think my Line account was just shadow banned. I sent the same message on a different account and instantly the message was read and they replied within a couple minutes. Very nice and helpful staff.
Thanks all. Apologies for derailing the threat slightly.