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Rock star weekend: AM, Ageha and Hipness


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Feb 28, 2011
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With 36 hours off in Tokyo after weeks of nonstop work, I decided to attempt to live like a rock star and sample a little bit of everything. In the end, I was able to try a Brazilian, a Japanese and a Filipina girl. All without having to go all the way to Narita to board a plane for Rio and Manila. So here's how I spent some of those 36 hours:

Asian Mystique -

I was in the mood for a Brazilian girl. So an e-mail to Asian Mystique gladly helped me with that and set me up with Bruna. Overall, a great alternative to a J-girl. Her body is firm and as everyone else has already commented, what an ass!!! Don't let her relaxed personality and laid back demeanor fool you. In the sack, she quickly turns up the heat. She's loves to DFK and even gave me a BBBJ, contrary to the earlier review on here. She knows how to grind her hips when giving CG and can bounce that perfectly round ass while on top.

Round 2 consisted of more DFK, BBBJ, CG and HJ till completion. While her tits are fake, they're not overly done and they are well proportioned for her body frame. Not sure how'd she be if you were looking for a PSE but overall, a really good GFE with lots of heavy DFK.

Ageha -

Using Ageha was actually my Plan B. Plan A was to try in Ikebukuro. I saw them on Erolin and used their online reservation form. After 30 minutes, no one called me so I filled it out again. Once again, no one called me. So I put together some Japanese words using online dictionaries to try and talk to fueiho over the phone but the man there told me "no" when I told him in Japanese that I was staying in a hotel in Ikebukuro. I wonder if other TAG members have had problems with Erolin's online reservation system? It was my understanding that Erolin approved deli-healths were able to communicate with foreigners over the phone. Guess I was wrong.

So, Plan B came to the rescue. I called Ageha and the techno spoke pretty good English. Not being fussy, I asked for anyone available. Within 20 minutes, a knock on my door and Kira was standing there. There's a Kira on their website but she looks nothing like the picture and the body measurements I don't think match up either. She's short (152cm), brown hair and a little chubby but I actually like them that way too. I was expecting someone in their 40s but Kira looked substantially younger, I'm guessing early 30s, but then again, J-girls can be deceiving when it comes to age guessing.

Shower action was a simple wash. Bed action was well done. BBBJ, multiple positions, DATY and finished all over her tits. She lets out those high pitched moans that are so often common in JAV films. That got me going strong. She had quite the bush down below which didn't bother me at all. The only negative for me was that she smelled of smoke but I'm guessing that's par for the course for most J-girls.

She didn't speak any English and I don't speak any Japanese but we managed to get by with my iPhone talking translator. And there was no upsell for FS or any mention of it. She just grabbed the condom and silence was consent.

I took a chance by just asking for anyone available and it worked out well. We clicked well and the body chemistry was there. I'd definitely repeat again with Ageha as long as my luck continues.

Hipness -

Browsed around the Hipness website and when I saw Ana's photos in her profile, I was hooked. I arranged a reservation via e-mail in English and actually got a response within 15 minutes. Met up with Ana and we immediately got to the formality of a contract signing. Then it was off to the showers. No real shower play to speak of. Just a lather and wash of my privates. Moved to the bed and she immediately took charge. I was surprised by her aggressiveness.

She roared into action and started by giving me a cat's bath with her tongue and then we moved on to DFK, BBBJ, CG and mish and I was done. Her tits look huge in her profile, but they aren't as firm as the picture makes them out to be, kind of like those soccer mom tits. Spent the rest of the time with her giving me a massage and some pillow talk. A good way to spend 40 minutes of my life. I'd repeat with Hipness but probably not with Ana. Not because there was anything wrong with my session, but only because I see they have two new Peruvian girls (Ai and Rina) who I'd love to try next.

Conclusion -

So there it is, my rock star weekend. I wanted to try other things like New Hot Point and a K-girl at Raku Gotanda but sperm management was a concern so I decided to conserve my load. One thing I will say is that shower play was lacking from those experiences, or maybe I am still spoiled by Manami TMK's shower play where she would abruptly drop to her knees while washing you in the shower and give a great BBBJ.

But all in all, it was a great weekend. I had the most fun with Ageha. Probably because the girl and I clicked better together. Asian Mystique and Hipness were good too but it's just that sometimes for me it comes down to chemistry and how well you click.
Hell of a weekend! I need to try my own version of that in a few weeks
couldn't agree more. thanks for the good info.

ill need to try out Bruna and her famous ass soon!
also let us know if you move forward with the peruvian ladies