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    Hi everyone
    In Tokyo for the first time for several years - staying for a couple of weeks and tempted to return to roppongi for a gents club visit. I am however concerned that these are no longer save....and should be avoided. When I visited a couple last time, yes I had to keep an eye on what I spent and invariably they tried to overcharge me but overall no issues and had a fun time, particularly of course with the private dances at the end.
    Ive trawled through numerous threads on here but cant find anything recent or relevant either recommending or warning people off specific clubs there. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Jamie
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    Welcome! Others might have some suggestions on specific places to visit in Roppongi -- are you looking for a standard strip club, or some place where extras are available, etc? I think most of the recommendations on TAG are for New Hot Point in Shinjuku, which generally requires some Japanese.

    The main thing that I'd recommend is to find a place that you want to try out and go directly there. Don't talk to any touts on the street trying to guide you to their particular place, because that's generally where you'll get in trouble with being overcharged, robbed, etc.
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