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Rub & Tug in Shinjuku

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Mar 3, 2011
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Thought I would write up a place I've been to several times, mostly because it's so convenient if you live near Shinjuku.,69.95,,1,10.5

Forget the name of the place but there's the link in google maps.

All the girls are Chinese (usually from Shanghai). Some of them are older and not very attractive (which usually give the better massage), and some of them are young and cute. This is not the kind of place that has a bunch of totally hot young Japanese girls or anything. It's a place for a good massage and the happy ending is an added bonus.

One of the reasons I like the place is that I have some back trouble and actually want a good massage and I just happen to enjoy a happy ending. This place is great and they are very personable. Only a few of the girls ever speak English, but if you speak a minimum of Japanese, you're fine.

They have a 90 minute course for under 14,000 yen with happy ending. You can ask for the shower massage as well. You lie on a table in the shower and the girl washes you and massages you with soap and usually (depends on the girl) does a soapy HJ there. Then you dry off and get the massage with another HJ.

I have never been disappointed with the massage here. The girls always work to give a good deep tissue massage (until they get all sweaty). The happy ending has almost always been great (even from the older not so good looking women). And usually, if there's more time left, they will give another.

The other thing about this place is they allow napping. This means that if you find yourself in Shinjuku after the trains stop and just want to relax, you can get a massage and then sleep there until morning. It's kind of funny, but a nice option when needed.

Thought you guys might like to know.
Thanks for the report.
There seem to be a lot of those places around.
My guess would be 3rd floor.

1F & 2F appear to be restaurants.

The sign hanging off the building has something to do with China or Chinese from what I can see, but doesn't specify a floor. (actually, no... the number on the sign goes to another restaurant on B1F of that building)

Well, I tried. :)
What is the best exit to get to the place do you have walking directions?
It's Shinjuku West Exit (by Keio and Odakyu lines at the ground level). Basically go across the street, past Yodobashi and it's in that neighborhood. The map link is the best way to find it.
Thanks for the report.

In this view you can see what I guess is the massage shop kanban (what the hell is kanban in English?) - the golden thing with the lights. I can read what is probably "massage salon", and the kanji for garden.,153.06,,2,7.51&z=19

I've seen this and often been approached by girls on the street but I'm very wary of Chinese and Korean massaji? girls but this sounds reputable.
Good day gentleman. I visited this massage shop on Friday afternoon and was welcomed very promptly. The greeter scrambled to put food away as she was eating as I came in. Tried the 90 shower massage 13,000yen + 500 yen towel service. The provider I think by the way she pronounced it Yuuki. She's from China, in mid to late 20's, gorgeous smile. Speaks some Japanese though our conversation was basic and trying to figure out what each other was saying. Initially she wore a short bathing suit. Shower portion was nice and not like a Korean body scrub; nice and soft. No HJ :( maybe next time. She dried me dried me off and the moved back to the small massage room. She changed into a nice purple flower Chinese dress which complimented her. Massage initially was light and easy then moved to strong strokes with oil. Her hands did wonders. Massage was EXCELLENT. Better than some regular massage places. Flipped over and started the front side. Though her smile was excellent there was a slight bad odor. A little distracting. Then went in to asking about giving a little HJ asking extra cost of 5000 yen. Something not mentioned in the above string. Insisted paying up front and did so politely. She left the room and cashed it in the cash register. Came back and promptly started in the action. Tried to touch the nether region but was told no, no, no, but was allowed to touch the breast, legs and arm areas. After the action moved onto completing the massage on the front side and boy does she have strong hands. Actually had to have her lighten up on the touch as I have had previous injury from running. I guess I will feel the after effects in the morning.

They do have a point card system for regular customers. The way it was explained after 15 visits 600 yen off. Not like Raku in Gotanda 5 visits 1000 yen off or 10 visits 2000 yen off.

Something that was distracting was a different provider and I guess mama-san, had done some laundering towels and started throwing them onto the top of the walls as they do not reach the ceiling to dry. We both kind laughed.

Overall plus for the deep tissue massage, just wish the HJ was talked about up front. Yuuki smile and appearance +10
Massage +10
Shower 8.5 would have been +10 if HJ

As mentioned above the girls do work hard so giving them a small gift will go a long way for future visits. Study the map once going to Google maps. I will probably visit again, but going to try a few other places.

By the way they have changed their orange sign that is on Google maps to a green sign with prices and info in English under the Japanese writing. See Photo.

Sorry if the photo is too large. First time trying
I went to this place a few weeks ago and during the day and was somewhat disappointed. There was an older Japanese lady there and the whole deal was very mechanical, although cordial. My bet is this lady was new at it and kept giggling as she looked at my hairy chest and stick.
About the "not mentioning things first" comment about the girl not automatically giving a HJ... Every massage place I've been to, you need to say something first. You ask about the HJ or just motion with your hand and they know what you're talking about. If they don't do that there or if there's an extra charge for it, they'll tell you.

Asking in the middle of the massage sometimes works out badly.

At this place, if you talk about it before hand, the shower and regular massage are great.

That's my 2 cents. I just haven't found a place with a real massage and real happy ending combo in Tokyo to rival this place... yet anyway. My only beef with the place is sometimes the girl is new or it can be mechanical, but those were rare occurrences and those girls don't last long.
Mister Roboto, Are you sure she was not Chinese?

Sorry I didn't see this earlier, but I assumed the lady was Japanese, but she could well have been Chinese.
Hi, did somebody went there recently ? I am planning to go in October, is it sill open?
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