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Feb 27, 2014
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Date/Time: early afternoon, Saturday, April 12, 2014… 30-40 minutes ago

Provider: 現役女子大生コレクション

Contact Info:

Type/Location: Deriheru Ikebukuro. Love hotel Hotel Room (4 hrs @¥4,500!)

Language Specifics: My Japanese is pretty fluent but need some level to deal with techno

Session Length/Fee: 75 min ¥29,000

Physical Description: Very light skinned, so-so looking but unlike her photo, bit buck-toothed, brown dyed hair, 'full furry jacket' below

Details: Had an 'urge' so decided to head to Ikebukuro. I was thinking about Betty Blue but decided to try something new. Hotel first - it was really busy and most places in the North Exit area were full. Hotel Room had rooms for 4 hours, which is why I am sitting in that room writing this! Very basic, but the best music channel in English I have come across (Channel A7), which is another reason why I am still sitting in this room writing this! But I have been in worse.

Contacting JoshiDaiseiCollection was not my first choice, but early afternoon choices are limited and the one I wanted was not available until later. I guess the uni girls don't have homework. Checked a few places. I always asked first if foreigners are okay - if your Japanese is good they said yes. They also asked where I was from.

Runa arrived in quick enough time. She did not really look like the photo at all (which was cute - obviously), she was okay, but what can you do??!! It's not a game of 'Doubt!' Shower work was functional. She was pleasant enough to talk with. Into bed and we kissed a bit, which I like. She was enthusiastic but as with many Japanese girls her mouth was a bit wide and with her hard tongue protruding. Her body was quite nice: smallish puppies with nice pink nipples. I spent some time working around until going for some DATY, which she liked. When she reciprocated her BBBJ was 'okay' and with directions she worked around some places. Moved to some 69 - she has a really nice arse. Took a kissing break and she asked if she could use 'lub'. I carefully asked about CFS. She said she charged extra - ¥10,000! Well, no, she was not that good, so I joked about it and then let it rest. A regimental HJ with the 'goo' started and I asked about sumata. She complimented me on my vocabulary. She said she was no good at sumata. I said let me be the judge…. She is no good at sumata. So I reversed her and it was a least nice to watch that lovely little arse in slippery action. I popped, but more out of muscle memory than wanton arousal. Back into the shower (Springsteen "Born to Run" just came on now!!!) and then cuddled up in bed to talk about music. Sensed she was just waiting so I suggested my nipples were lonely.... After a bit of that I suggested we had some time. I got, "Oh, one time only, I was told". Appropriately Janis Joplin came on - "You say that it's over, baby! You say that it's over now!" So, well, "Move Over" and move on. The ten minute phone call from her techno comes and that's why I am still sitting in that room writing this! She left to the closing of "Stairway To Heaven"… and I was still nowhere near the top, still sitting in the room thinking about writing this! Tom Jones rappin' now! "If I only knew what I could do to make you make you love me!" Yeah, right… But I wanna take this music channel home with me (Donna Summer "On The Radio").

This experience may have cured my urges. Should have stayed in my own bed.

Recommendation: No - she needs to study more. Probably a good idea to stay with the known professionals.
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On their site, the girls look quite cute. Maybe you were just unlucky with that one girl. But their price is high, so I would expect some more servioce, and definitely more than just one pop per date.
I was wondering when someone else would try this site.
I chose Rara about a year ago. Completely different from the photo, but luckily the real deal was amazing, by far the best girl I've met over 6 visits to various places. Gyaru type, gorgeous body, excellent at conversation and putting me at ease.

I've been wanting to go back to see if she was just a fluke or if all the girls were top notch, but have been sticking to the "video ok" sites so haven't had a chance. Most of the photos, however, don't seem to have changed in over a year, so I'm assuming the bait and switch is standard practice.

Thanks for the post!
Thank goodness for TAG. I stumbled over their site (again), and I also thought the girls look too cute to be true. It seems that they have a master photoshopper. Thanks for the reviews. I decided not to try them and stick with my known providers.