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    Date: Early May, 2014 (afternoon)
    Provider: Emily
    Contact Info: (Hasn’t been updated in a while. No pictures.)
    Type/Location: Chinese Massage/Shinjuku
    Language Specifics: I spoke in Japanese so not sure.
    Session Length/Fee: 70 minutes/ ¥13,000 (¥9,000+¥4000)
    Physical Description: Late 20s, thin girl with a pretty face and long straight black hair.
    Details:Having a few hours free I decided to get a decent massage with a happy ending. I remembered having read about a Chinese massage place with a decent massage and a happy ending in an old post. Details on how to find this place can be found there.

    Went inside and was greeted by Emily. She has good Japanese skills. Was shown the menu which had more options than the one listed on the website. I asked with a hand gesture about getting a happy ending. She told me that is was 4000 extra. I initially wanted the 90 minute course but changed it to a 70 minute course with happy ending option. She then asked me if I wanted akasuri or a deep massage. I chose a deep massage. Once I paid the money I went into a large shower room where Emily started with a body wash. Then it was onto the massage table where she washed me thoroughly. After the bath we went to the small massage room. She gave a very strong massage and I had to ask her a few times not to do it so hard. When the massage was finished she took out the baby powder and started a sensual massage on my back. Then a quick flip and then she applied the powder on my chest and then some oil for the happy ending. Before I left Emily gave me a point card with a ¥1000 off choosing a girl coupon. The mama san said goodbye to me. All in all a nice strong massage but for a more sensual massage I recommend Asian Feeling.
    Recommendation: Yes for massage. Okay for happy ending.
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    i agree ! I went there two weeks ago and it was a real good experience. The mama there was very kind and from the first moment i felt this is no cheating place.
    Warm atmosphere and pretty girls. But no red light club. Got a fantastic german sponge massage in the shower first and after this i enjoyed one of the best shiatsu massages i ve ever got.
    I definitely will get back there.

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