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AM Satsuki - Asian Mystique Review


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Jul 4, 2010
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(Note: This review was written months after the events.)

I was feeling a bit bummed out because a date with a J-girl I had been seeing had fallen through; I was in one of those moods where the only cure was a young girl in a schoolgirl uniform, so I decided to make an appointment with Satsuki from AM.

Her propensity for cosplay was what piqued my interest. Not everyone is into that, but I love it when cute girls dress up as anime and video game characters. She's an anime otaku, which I have no problem with, especially since it drives her to dress up as such.

Satsuki arrived at my hotel door about 20 minutes late. Not a good start. She was still wearing her work clothes (black blazer, skirt, etc), which was a big plus. I love that outfit on Japanese women. She said she dislikes it because it's so uncomfortable, but it's a huge turn on for me.

Satsuki is not a girl I would categorize as as hot or stunning. I doubt I'd notice her at all in a crowd of Japanese girls. She's definitely not ugly or else I wouldn't have any desire to be committing any sins with her. She's alright looking, with a kinda cute face and very petite body. She's short; the top of her head just reaches my chin. She has a small rack too, but that was perfect for what I wanted: someone who could look and dress like a high school girl.

We chatted for a bit before starting the shower. She seemed interesting enough, but I could tell she was quite tired after a long day at work. I hoped this wouldn't impact her service too much, though I felt a little bad making an appointment with her when she was so tired.

So we hopped in the shower, scrubbed down, and got out. Nothing really worth mentioning.

After the shower, she proceeded to put on the uniform option I asked for. It was everything I hoped it would be. Satsuki totally looked like she should still be in high school, with her white blouse, little girly tie, plaid pleated skirt... visually, she did not disappoint in that outfit.

If anyone was curious, yes I made her keep it on the entire time.

With my engine already warmed up must at the sight of her, we sat down together on the bed and made out for a little bit, before I proceeded to slowly move downstairs, stopping to show my appreciation of the, er, landscape. She does have small boobs, but I had just as much playing with them as I would with a larger set, and their small size only furthered the illusion that I was about to commit statutory with a high school girl.

She's not shaved downstairs. While I prefer them shaved, I don't consider it a minus if they're not. After sampling her flavor for awhile, I began to finger her with more zeal than usual. Something about the whole package, from the petite body to the uniform, had me quite intoxicated. Whether real of just good acting, she held onto me with both arms while moaning and writhing so much that I thought I was going to lose a finger doing this, with her moans of "dame!" only driving me on further. When she came, she clenched my fingers pretty tightly, like a fist.

She then returned the favor with a nice BBBJ. After the last couple of encounters, I was dreading yet another covered BJ, but thankfully that wasn't the case here. She then suited me up and and rode me pretty good for awhile before we switched to me on top where I rode her all the way to the first goal of the evening.

We cuddled for a little while, before proceeding with round 2. Similar in duration and such to round 1 (I can't remember the exact sequence of events months later), but I do remember she rode me till I could take no more, thus scoring goal number 2 for the evening.

We got cleaned up and I walked her back to the train station, you know, being all gentlemanly and all that jazz.

I definitely want to see Satsuki again next time I'm in town. Seriously, if that was her performance after being exhausted from a long day at work, I'd like to see how she performs when she's fully rested and energetic.

And the uniform was most definitely worth the 3500 yen extra. I think AM needs to add a gothic lolita and yukata/kimono option to their costume list. But that's just me. :)