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Sayaka - New Hot Point


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Jan 5, 2014
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After a great first time, I went back to NHP, hoping to find Ryo again. I kept thinking about her, her attitude and her stuinning looks. I arrived that the waiting room was empty, the show was oviously starting so I quickly decided on the girl, choosing Sayaka, reading loudly the hiragana, but there was no problem being a foreigner. Since the show was beginning, I paid directly at the front desk for the 'service' (HJ and touch) and it was a bit embarassing telling it to the two men at the reception. Then I was brought to my box.

First came in a beautiful girl with a dress to the knees. I late discovered it was Sayaka, with darker hair (in the pictures it was honey/brown). Cant' say if it was the same as in the pictures because I had to pick in an hurry. Her expression was distant, almost sad, looking in the void but she was really quite beautiful as she danced slowly. Almost perfect body, small natural tits, beautiful face, long dark hair. Like a model, like an actress.

Then came another girl who was really good at dancing and put up a very hot show. She had a slighlty 'larger' face than Sayaka, and slightly less elegant and perfect, but was still very hot. Don't remember her name and wish I could because she seemed to have a great attitude.

Then Sayaka came to my box. Her attitude wasn't great as Ryo's. She didn't like being touched too much and 'blocked' my hand on her brest under the arm so it was pressing the breast but couldn't really move it. Also her technique wasn't as good as Ryo's. It took me a little to pop, but it was pleasant and she said goodbye with a nice smile.

I am still a fan of this place. It's just the look of the girls that can't be beaten.

Hope it will be still foreigner friendly in the future
Yes, I know but I wasn't able to check beforehand!

p.s. by the way, this week Rio has only one turn!
meiji said:
Thanks for the review. NHP does have the cast schedule on their website if there's a particular girl you want to see...

Yes I agree with what you say. Having paid extra for her tits which aren't that great, I expected plenty of fondling. She wanked me off well enough, but her dancing (lackluste) and indifferent attitude made me pine for foreigner friendly bj bars. There the women can be fondled and kissed. Not all are the has beens other posters would have you believe. Neither are Hot Point's stunning enough for the cost.
As you can guess bluffed my way past the doorman with lots of hais. Make sure you make it clear you have no camera and you should be ok.