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    Date/Time: First week of May, 2014, mid-afternoon.
    Provider: Sayuri (independent)
    Contact Info: (photos are recent and accurate)
    Type/Location: She came to my hotel (not a love hotel)
    Language Specifics: No Japanese required! Sayuri is Japanese, but speaks native-level English!
    Session Length/Fee: 2 hr, 60,000
    Physical Description: Very pretty face. Very slim, petite (5'2", 95 lbs), hair to mid-back, narrow hips, flat tummy, delicate, neatly trimmed. Lovely small breasts (A) with prominent nipples. Age about 30.
    Details: Sayuri arrives on time, smartly dressed, looking very sexy but classy. She is warm, gracious, welcoming, and fun. She is thoughtful and the conversation can be interesting as you can really communicate in English. I have asked her to visit me repeatedly over several years as she is my favorite in Osaka. She is a wonderful kisser and skilled in other ways, but always careful to be safe. She is energetic and makes a real effort to please. Although petite everywhere, she can comfortably accommodate the well endowed. She is not shy. If you are considerate, her passion can be aroused to a breathtaking lovely climax. Sayuri is a very special person!
    Recommendation: Yes, yes, yes ... my highest!
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    I would really like to try Sayuri! Sayuri, when are you cumming to Tokyo?
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    It was great to see you again SNS! I hope we helped you enjoy your visit! I will certainly look forward to catching up next time!! (^3^)~*

    @BobJohnson: I visited Tokyo several times this spring and enjoyed myself completely. Thank you Tokyo!! Anyway, if one of us has special a Tokyo visit....a popup will appear when clicking on our name in the gallery section on the website. I will try to make an update-able post in the classified section sometime....and maybe add links to reviews in it...maybe some pictures too. d=(^0^)=b

    Cherry Petals 'n Peaches~
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