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    Date: May 19, 2014 (evening)
    Provider: Sayuri
    Contact Info:
    Type/Location: Kyoto - rented apartment near Kyoto Station.
    Language Specifics: I have zero Japanese skills.
    Session Length/Fee: 120 minutes/ ¥60,000
    Physical Description: Late 20s or maybe early 30s, thin girl with a beautiful face, not a lot of makeup. Straight, dark brown hair to middle of back. Dressed very smartly. She looks like her photos on above site. In a word "hot".
    I almost missed my connection with Sayuri due to a misunderstanding of our meeting place. Luckily I emailed her and she showed up at the place I described. This was my first time with such a service and I was afraid that she was not going to show. When I saw her, I was not quite sure if it was her. I approached her and when she saw me she smiled and excitedly said my name. (I had sent a photo of myself so she knew what I looked like). Wow, it was on!

    We walked back to my rented apartment and enjoyed some small talk. I felt completely as ease with her. She sounded like an American girl and I forgot that she was Japanese native until a couple words tripped her up. Having her ask me the meaning of a word only helped me be more at ease with her. She was so honest and down to earth.

    When we got to my place she looked at my ID and sent some info to her partner promising the info would be destroyed after our meeting. I gave her her fee and sat on the bed with her. I said, "So can I make out with you and stuff?" (duh) She says of course and I kiss her tenderly at first and proceed to passionately make out with her. She says we should shower, so we get up. She is very thin and small (exactly the body type I love). I pick her up off the floor and give her another kiss. Off to the shower we go. After the shower, we had most lovely experience. She wanted to please me and she did! (You can imagine the details.) She was so accommodating to my requests. I love hearing women speak Japanese and she was happy to do so for me. We both laughed at my wanting to hear her say "Roppongi". (Even the voice on the Tokyo Metro saying "Roppongi" is hot!) I digress. This was an amazing experience for me. If you are an English only speaker Sayuri is a perfect companion for you.

    The whole experience was extremely casual and lovely. While this was my first such experience, I don't think it will be my last. Writing this review has made by body all tingly and I am lusting for Sayuri again. I want to start checking for flights to Kansai!
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    Nice review of a great lady.
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