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Jan 10, 2010
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... just a small suggestion:

I didn't realize TAG was fully back online until just recently. Maybe it would be a good idea to politely tell people that it's back?

Some of the usual posters still haven't come back but maybe they just don't know?

Just a thought to help get our people back. ;)
It was discussed. It hasn't been done [yet] as to avoid being too annoying to members who have registered. If an update goes out, we want it to be clean and professional so that people don't just mark it as spam and then we get stuck being marked as email spammers. It's already hard enough, functioning as an 'adult' oreinted site.
I think it would be good to do a newsletter once a month or once a quarter.

It would be good to let people know that things are being updated and that TAG is alive and well.

Sometimes, I'm just too busy to check... but I try and make it back here as much as I can.

Give it a serious thought.
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