September 2010 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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This is going to be a short thread, we have all been very busy with RW work items and other personal matters.

I'm officially single again. I won't say more than that, obviously that took a lot of of my time. I am going into October with a fresh start and hope that the last three months of this year will go much better.

Chris is returning after his job took him away from us! YAY! He needs to come by and let us know he's actually stalking the forum. It also appears that I have a Facebook stalker now too... someone found me randomly I suppose. :rolleyes:

Three more days of September, hope everyone had a much better month than I did, looking forward to more regular spats!!!

Much <3 to all! Good times, good times...
Yes, I am back. Still will be out of the main office for this week, things really picked up this month.

Lots of juicy overtime this month!
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